Balancing of Car Tyres – A Necessary Element

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Do you own a car? Then you should be concerned about the safety of you, your passengers, and other people on the road. One of the parts that require proper care is the car tyre, and that includes tyre pressure, tyre rotation, and tyre balancing. For the safety of everyone in the car and on the road, maintaining pressure is very important. Under-inflated tyres can overheat leading to premature failure. Over-inflated tires cause rapid uneven tread wear, leading to poor vehicle handling on the road.

Another important thing is balancing tyres. Balancing distributes the mass inside of it and on the wheel evenly. If the weight is unevenly distributed, vibrations are caused while driving at speeds between 50 and 70 mph pulling the car to the left or right. This also causes premature wear on certain parts. Even the slightest weight imbalance can cause vibration which is adjusted by professionals using a specialized balancing machine.

Balancing Mechanism

Heavy spots on the wheel–tyre combination are checked by mounting the setup on a balancing machine which spins the tyre to locate any heavy spots. If one side is heavier than the other side, then the tyre is out-of-balance. Now to balance the tyre, place a measured lead weight on the opposite side of the heavy spot. For more information, please refer to Brian’s articles on balancing.

Many reasons can be stated for tyres to go out-of-balance. This happens when you rotate the tyres from one wheel to another, when you install new tyres, when you brake hard, or when you accelerate hard. Thus original balance is lost. An up-to-date spin balancer is perfect for both static and dynamic balance for accurate tyre balancing. Dynamic balancing is needed for larger, wider, and heavier tyres, which is also possible through a spin balancer. Accuracy up to tenth of a gram can be obtained with most balancing machine calibration.

Thus, having the car tyre wheels balanced is very important, without which, not only there is a chance of car breakdown, but also a great chance of any mis-happening while driving. Thus, take care of your car and it will care for you.


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