Lasting Marriage

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How do me make our marriage work? Whether you are on your first years called the honeymoon stage or on your 50th year of marriage you always have the choice to make it work or not. In our society today divorce is very common. Usually many couple just rush into getting married because they know that they have an option for divorce. But there are those who wants to know the secret of a long lasting marriage. Here I have a list of tips to make a lasting marriage.

“Marriage is a partnership” meaning a marriage cannot work if only one is doing his/her part it should be both partners. A couple should be a team that will work towards the common goal. Like for instance a husband and wife should always try to be each others confidant and strength. The instance a couple gets married he/ she becomes his/her better half.  

“Marriage is a compromise” because in marriage usually there is an adjustment. We may be a part of the marriage but we are still inividuals with different likes and dislikes. Our partner may like different things than we have they may have different views on certain things. In some cases it would be what television channel to watch, what type of food they like to eat, compromise is defined as an agreement reached by adjustment” meaning adjustment on both sides, so when we compromise we unselfishly consider the feelings of our spouse from there we start to care and understand them better.

“Marriage is a decision” When we decide to marry the person we love, we decide to stick by them. And by this decision we start to learn to accept that there are things that sometimes you wont agree on but it does not mean that the marriage will no longer work. you will learn to love and accept your partner the way he/she is. Deciding to make a marriage work will make you fight for your relationship to work.

“Communication” is another key to make a lasting marriage because this will both help you reach out and know your partner in a deeper sense. If there is lack of communication in both end your marriage will surely not work. Communication usually is overlooked however communication is not merely speaking and sending message to someone it also involves body language, inerpretation and response from the other person. THe importance of communication is immeasurable because it determines if a couple will last or not.

“Keep romance alive” couple should work on keeping the relationship alive and full of intimacy. Show each other how much you care and understand each other. To last a lifetime both should nurture and love one another. 


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