A Review Of Xmarks

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Xmarks, formerly known as Foxmarks, is one of my favorite Firefox add-ons and a popular add-on in the bookmark backup and syncing category. Among other changes in the transition from Foxmarks to Xmarks, it seems that Xmarks is gearing themselves towards link sharing, somewhat similar to Stumble Upon and Digg.

Why is Xmarks making the change? In today’s internet age link sharing is a more profitable business model, much more so than bookmark backup and syncing. Giving a link sharing ability is great for users who wish to get their link out to others and attract more traffic. Here is a list of several of Xmarks features:

  • Syncing and backup. You can install Xmarks onto any computer you want and still be able to access all of your bookmarks. If you add bookmarks from an alternate computer those new bookmarks will still synch with your main computer.

  • Smarter searching. Now, when you make a search with Xmarks installed you will get search results that are also based on other users ranking of the sites.

  • See Site Information. You can see information about the website you are currently on, and discover other similar sites by clicking the Xmarks information button on the location bar of your browser. Especially useful if you are still looking for sites similar to the one you are on.

  • Backup and synch your internet passwords with integration through LastPass.

  • Free to use. Xmarks does have an upgrade option available but the main services are free to use.

Premium upgrades services:

  • Iphone & Ipad Xmarks. You can download an app to use your desktop bookmarks and open them in tabs inside your device.

  • Blackberry Xmarks. You can access your desktop bookmarks and open them in tabs through your blackberry device. Useful if you are on the go, don’t have a computer near you, and need to access a bookmark.

  • Priority support. Not only will your suggestions for continued improvement be given a higher weight, you will have faster email support.

  • To see the full list of Premium services click here.

Xmarks was originally only available on Firefox however it is now also available on Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome. The Xmarks team is always working on improvements and options available to their users. From personal experience, Xmarks is great. I have never encountered any problems or downtime in the more than two years I have been using their service.


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