Power of Chi

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Energy around us is vast and has infinite potential. Named as Chi, Ki, Prana, Life-Force etc. etc. enables a normal person to tap into his unseen part and do unbelievable things in practical life. It is the soul base for all the martial arts. 

Here is a simple but very powerful method to help set you on the way to matching up with this blissful power.


The key feature to starting anything in life. Relaxing your muscles enables you to set them free and this in turn enables your mind and soul to get into gear. After all, body is just a vessel, you are your mind and your soul.


This is the basis of living. And if you learn to control breathing in your daily life, you’ll already be way above your level. This helps in relaxing your body, circulation of blood, and even flow of energy. Also, concentrating on your breathing helps keep your mind free of unwanted thoughts.

Breathe slowly and let it go till your stomach. The stomach should expand and contract and not the chest. This provides better access to pure oxygen, helps you relax further and keeps you fit (Free Gift!). Ever seen a baby breathing; relaxed and tension free and taking air into stomach. And if you’re normal, I’d guess you’d want to back your baby life right? Here’s your chance… 🙂


The most fun and most powerful part. (And no, this isn’t some kind of child development school extract.)

When you feel completely relaxed, imagine all the good energy coming in and all the unwanted energy going out. Or maybe a disc, going from bottom to up, covering your body and healing as it goes. Or a shower of white light, in which you feel eternally happy and blissful. Let your imagination run wild. Imagine whatever you want and it happens that way. Remember, we are what we think we are

Imagination is the biggest power we have and has been for as long as we were. Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Socretes, :Picasso, Mahatma Gandhi……. (don’t tell me you need more names); what did they all have in common apart from being in pages of high school books? I-M-A-G-I-N-A-T-I-O-N.

So go ahead and don’t be afraid to imagine. As you get better you can try new things and try linking it with your daily life. 

Hope you enjoyed reading the article and will enjoy practicing it even more….. 🙂


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