Cheryl Cole Axed From American X Factor

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Cheryl Cole axed from American X Factor

Cheryl with Simon CowellCheryl with Simon Cowell

Although the American X factor is yet to hit the screens, according to the Daily Mail online, Cheryl Cole is not in it. She was supposed to be a judge, and had reportedly secured a £1.2 million contract. The reason appears to be viewers would struggle to understand her Geordie accent.

It seems to be incredible to me, that as her biggest supporter, Simon Cowell did not address this problem by encouraging her to have elocution lessons. Surely he could see it would have been a problem? I have a south London accent, and when I visit America, people tell me all the time they love my accent, because, they can understand it. But they must find a strong Geordie accent quite hard to deal with.

Who will replace her?

It is believed that Nicole Scherzinger is to replace Cheryl. She ticks all the right boxes, is beautiful, loved by the American public already, and has an American accent. Last year she made an impact when she took Cheryl’s place temporarily when she was ill with Malaria ,on the English X Factor. She is also doing very well with her pop career, and is well known in both countries.

I believe that from the first time she came into X Factor, Nicole outshone Cheryl, and it was inevitable that this would happen. Cheryl has had the benefit of Simon Cowell to launch her career up until now, but he is notorious for only backing winners. Cheryl had hoped the US exposure would help her to launch her pop career in America. Now this won’t happen, and I hope she isn’t the latest casualty to be dropped by him, as so many others have been when they stop making him a fortune. Maybe he will put her back on the English version, he certainly should, because on this occasion, his backing of her has not done her any favours. But obviously shel will  feel rejected and upset about being sent home with her tail between her legs. she now needs her mentor and X Factor more than ever. If I was  in her place, I would go back on the English version, in which she made her name. Her British public fans will support her once again, and all will be well. But hell hath no fury like a womam scorned, so watch this space to see the outcome.


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