Experience Rapture Through Sexual Meditation

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Have you ever experienced “rape” during an intense sex session? At times during our adventures make love without a doubt we can feel joy of ecstasy and a feeling of being transported to an eternal kingdom of blissful pleasure. Of course, every sexual encounter is not always an extraordinary cosmic journey. However, when focused attention (even for a quickie 5 minutes), you can experience an incredible feeling to be raptured out of this world!

The key is to be fully present in the moment. That is a term I’ve used often, so let’s explore what it really means. Being present is to have a comprehensive and give your full attention to what they are doing at that very moment. Let go of the thoughts, concerns, trials, or any mind chatter distracting. Just allow yourself to feel simple and intensely experience the wonderful physical sensations – without thinking about what to do next.

Sex is the most natural instinctive act we can do, so there is no right or wrong way to do it. As long as it feels good, if you’re with a partner or enjoy playing solo, anything goes. There is nothing wrong with feeling good, as long as all parties are respected, honored and appreciated for their active participation in this sacred act. The more you touch, feel, caress and interact with your partner, rather than respond and match the affection – the construction of the tremendous processing power.

When delivery is completely the circulating current sexual fully thought least be an open channel of consciousness that can be caught in another realm of ecstasy happy. At that time, there is nothing else. The entire universe is within each breath and the feeling of euphoria. His co-creation of energy in motion becomes a central point momentary cosmic significance in a field ethereal.

This is the ultimate form of meditation. His whole existence is condensed in the here and now. There is no past and no future – only this moment. The time left for you and more universal power concentrated in their bodies to feed the entire planet. A new heaven manifested reality, as you become ego – leaving aside the physical form that transcends pure positive energy.

Inherent impulses overcome with uncontrollable compulsion to express the fervent passion with the whole body and vocal statement. The ego is lost. The faces, facades, society and civilization are lost. You are part of nature, like trees, animals and stars. You are in a state of being greater than the cosmos, floating – being taken by the current of the transcendental unity with all that is. This essentially is the tantra and the cosmic connection to eternal happiness.

This experiential mind / sense of body / soul is not necessarily a cause of sexual intercourse or even orgasm. Sex is only one situation in which it occurs naturally. Once you know how they feel these elements in you, you may experience this feeling yourself through tantric meditation – independent of sex. Meditation is essentially the experience of sex without sex. But that’s another article.

It is important to practice this form of meditation with your partner, connecting heart to heart in a soul level. There is always something magical to discover within themselves, as the soul is infinite and there is no end to the exploration of this deep level of intimate connection. Soft eye contact, the positive intent and be present at the time, you can experience the divine feeling of ecstasy – a fantastic getaway is essentially … mood.

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