Will Bell or Versesmith of ‘spoken Words’ Assassinated

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Will Bell or Versesmith of ‘Spoken Words’ Assassinated

brotee mukhopadhyay

Will Bell, as described by his friends and followers, has been rolled with Langston, Baldwin, Heron, Tupac & Biggie. He is no more with us or with many verse-smiths of ‘spoken words’ who have accepted him as their natural mentor or brother or friend.

The poet was shot dead close after midnight when he had closed his Literary Cafe and Poetry Lounge. His assassinators were not known. North Miami police could not find out motive behind this horrible murder. The poet was 47 when he was killed.

Miami knows, (one living in any distant territory of human settlements does not do so), that here lived a poet who had a fruitful mission to develop many others as poets. Will “Da Real One” Bell was an artist of ‘spoken words’ in real terms, but he was a comedian in disguise. Visitors of his Literary Cafe and Poetry Lounge at North Miami learned how to laugh and how not to stop laughing till being compelled to cry. Will Bell had innumerous jokes from the life which humans live and one would cling to him by the pull of his huge heart.

Individuals are of the opinion that they have become poets or worshippers of poetry coming in contact with Will Bell. Will Bell had physical advantage of towering over his friends as he was six feet and five inches. This is of no significance in comparison to his inherent glory of working as the fountain-head of inspiration for others. His friends and followers are of the view that he was a person who lived to inspire and to give back.

He left the concept that artists of ‘spoken words’ should target the ‘limelight’ not for ‘fame’, but to open and inspire others with the little worth and wealth they own. Giving back was an important part of his vision.

Years will pass and decades too. Poets who have received inspiration or who have gained enlightenment from Will Bell will mature and secure recognition of what they have desired to become. Name of Will Bell will go on ringing in the air as someone who has loved poetry in ‘spoken words’ in his own way. 


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