Germany to Bid Farewell to Nuclear Power Plants

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Germany to Bid Farewell to Nuclear Power Plants
brotee mukhopadhyay

Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany), with Norbert Roettgen (Environment Minister) and Philipp Roesler (Economy Minister) by her side, has held a news conference on Monday (30th May, 2011) to declare that nuclear reactors of Germany will be shut by 2022. She has added that there will be ten percent reduction of power use by 2020 and that there will be extensive use of wind and solar power (renewable power).

A u-shift in the power policy of Germany was in the air. The horrible earthquake and the devastating tsunami following it have once again raised pertinent questions on nuclear safety all over the world, because spread of radioactivity from the disrupted Fukushima nuclear plant of Japan has been found to be as real as anything. People have again begun to remember nightmare of Chernobyl. They, in every country, have started to exert constant pressure on their respective political authority to take steps so that nuclear power plants can be shut down.
People’s pressure against the use of nuclear power is extreme in Berlin and in other cities of Germany. The last week, precisely the weekend, has witnessed thousands of Germans to be on the street to protest against the nuclear power plants.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has several reasons for being worried. First, her Green contestant has been gaining more support for its outright denouncement of the nuclear energy resources. On the other hand, Social Democrat is with better potentiality on the arena.

It is again a fact that shifting to the use of renewable energy is not as easy as the people consider. RWE, E.ON, Vattenfall and EnBW, companies which provide power with 17 plants at their hand, will never sit idle. They will oppose vehemently and do everything they can do so that status quo in the power sector is maintained.
Despite all kind of obstacles that the government will have to face, Angela Merkel’s announcement about time-bound closure of the nuclear power plants in Germany will be applauded by the global people, because they apprehend that they are very close to disaster that can cause great damage to human civilization.


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