What Makes a Woman, A Woman?

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What makes a woman, a woman?

Women played a very special role on Earth. Their existence is beyond imaginary expectations. They contributed a vast significance to us all. Have you ever thought of life without women? It could have been dull of course.

In religious history of creation, Adam was firstly created by God. God gave Adam everything, but he remained lonely. Until God given him a gift, a gift that made him completely happy. And do you know what that gift to Adam was? And the answer is woman. She was Eve the first woman created by God.

There’s a
 lot of difference between men and women. Men are stronger than women, hyper than women, and quicker than women in movements. It’s true that women are- more soft, both physically and emotionally.

They are easily frightened, disturbed and panicked. Emotionally and physically sensitive. Most off their decisions are changing, because of their soft heart and moody feelings.

Aside from being materialistic, women love to be always appreciated. Whatever they do, they love to catch more attention. Jealousy is quite normal behavior. When they love, they loved tenderly, when they are hurt, they hurt so much, when they care, they care a lot and whey they hate, they hate badly.

Woman served to be the most special creature above other creations. If we listen to some painters, they said, “Women are the finest creation of God.” 
That is why in the most paintings, women’s post is common. 

Women are full of arts and beauty. Their tender and sweet voices are very appealing. They are wiser enough than man. Stronger determinations and clever in decisions.

See how god put his trust the care of children over women. If we take a look at it, it’s not easy task to raise the child. Right from carrying inside in their wombs, give birth to them to raise them well.

This is how women overpowered men. Admitting that women are men’s happiness and men’s weakness too, they could overpower men in other ways.

Beauty is strongest women’s weapon. Are you familiar with the Trojan War’s story?

Beauty was the main reason of the battle between Trojan and Greeks. And this way, they can make men fell to their tricks.


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