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Happiness in Wealth 

Wealth is probably, the element mostly associated, if not synonymous with happiness as many people think. This understanding so deep-rooted in the hearts of so many to the extent that almost everywhere people are engrossed in the acquisition of wealth. They look towards wealth as the primal constituent of happiness to the point that for them the two are entwined.

How happy are those men and women who own business empires, wide expanses, land and estate, large bank deposits, etc?

Many indeed are those people who own millions or even billions but are suffer from an almost permanent lack of peace of mind as a result of the fear they have over their wealth – the fear of, say, political turmoil’s, market movements, wars, plunders theft, etc. And not only does such fear lead to sleepless nights for these people but even tensions, mental anguish, heart attacks and deaths. Very often one comes across reports in the media such as the following:

*Fortunes lost and lives follow in financial market crash….!

* A Tokyo trader shot himself after apparently losing money n the stock market…!

* Australian’s richest man was rushed to hospital in serious condition, Sunday, after suffering a heart attack….!

Understanding and accepting that happiness is nothing to do with amassment of wealth perhaps the most liberating realization we can ever come to.

Ample material is readily available from live of many people to prove our dictum “wealth is not equal to happiness”

Qarun Korah) story serves

As a typical ample of opulent people whose wealth infused them with pride and arrogance and made them forget the role of wealth man’s life. Wealth should be used for achievement of the welfare of man and society in accordance with the will commandments of Almighty God, Who granted man his existence, faculties powers, sustenance and resources.

His story was told in the Holy Qur’an:

“…Such were the reassure
 we had bestowed on him, that their very keys would have been a burden to a body of strong men. Behold, hid people said to him: Exult not, for Allah loves not those who exult in riches. Then, “So he went forth among his people in the pride of his worldly glitter)

When he was in the hey-day of his glory, worldly people envied him and thought how happy they would be if only they were in his place. But wise people were not dazzled by Korah’s fabulous wealth, because they realized the transient nature of worldly treasures and they were certain that the true wealth is the reward of God in the hereafter for those who believe and work righteously.

Kora lived ostentatiously and appeared to many of his people “a lord of mighty good fortune”. They admired his glorious appearance but forgot his reality. All this was illusory happiness or at least transient happiness, just like a dream or a movie.

What was the end? What happened to all that pomp, wealth, pride and arrogance?

“Then, we caused the earth to swallow up him and his house, and he had not the least little party to help him against God, nor could he defend himself.

Christina Onassis  

Here lies another eventful story which proved beyond doubt that wealth, whatever the amount one holds, cannot by itself be the basis for the achievement of real happiness! Here is the story which for years dominated the minds of writers, reporters and newsmen, as well as the pages of newspapers, books and magazines! This is the story of Christina Onassis – daughter of the famous Greek tycoon, Aristotle Onassis, who owned fleets of ships and airplanes, lakes and islands, real estates, huge bank deposits, etc. Following  the death of her father, Christina was the only one left behind as the legal heiress to the vast resources of her father besides her late father’s second wife- Jacqueline Kennedy. The enormous liquid inheritances were to the tune of billions of dollars besides the immovable properties, his fleet of ships and aero planes, lakes and islands, real estates, large bank deposits, etc. What an inheritance that was! Certainly, to the judgment, reasoning, feeling and standards of most people, someone inheriting such a huge fortune should be the happiest person on earth-but was this true for Christina? The answer to this question can only be arrived at after going through the following pages which briefly explain the known course of her life.

Christina got married to an American during her father’s lifetime, but only a few months thereafter the marriage broke up and ended up in divorce. After the death of her father, she got married to a Greek for the second time but their marriage lasted only a few months, if now weeks, before it was all over.

Christina stayed out of marriage for quite some time apparently looking for a happy life outside the marriage bond. However, that happiness did not materialize and, after a few years had elapsed, she felt like trying to find a life of happiness under the marriage bond once again. This time her choice for a husband was from a completely different camp- from communist Russia! To many who knew her free-style western life, this step, indeed, became an interesting, if not perturbing or excruciating experience. And when once asked by a pressman of this move, she had a ready answer which was simple, short, but frank “I am searching for happiness.”

Of course, her two previous marriages were with me from the West; and since they both failed, she thought that she could “discover” some happiness in the East. But here too she was only trying out her luck with no guarantees. When pressmen interviewed her for a second time her unchanged reply was; “I am searching for happiness.”

But was she really happy about her marriage in Russia? Never! She hardly remained with the Russian for more than a year before she eventually divorced him!

Apparently, that was not the end of the marriage dilemma. Back in Europe she decided to give it one more final try0 this time with a French Industrialist, the fourth husband from a fourth different county in hardly a period of two years. What a miserable and unsecured life it has been. It was during one of those occasions at a party relating to this last marriage that a pressman asked her weather she was the richest woman and her frank reply went as follows: “Yes! I am the richest woman but the unhappiest.”

The marriage with the French industrialist went ahead as planed but it took only a few months to exist before it was all gone!

Having failed to achieve happiness under marriage life, Christina vowed not to marry again and endeavored to achieve happiness on her own. However, happiness was impossible for her even on her own and she spent the rest of her life in a desperate manner full of frustrations and disappointment s and frenzy travels between the world’s major cities, until finally, she as found lying dead inside a hotel in Argentina. Who killed her? She committed suicide! What an unhappy ending for a very, very wealthy lady! Was her wealth able to buy her happiness? Never, Indeed!

Happiness does not lies how much you own a wealth or how wealthy you are. It is achieved how you carry you life. How you stay away from things that positively causes you in restless life. How you struggle to commit your aim, and how are you satisfied with the things that you have. The most important factor, is that you surrender yourself I God. Put your trust in him, abstain from the bad things that may harm you, and be dutiful to your parents and stay good to human. Do not give yourself too much pride, learn to mingle to the people and always know your limitations.


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