History of The History of Troy

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Heinrich Schliemann was given a book The Illustrated World History For Children whe he was seven years old, on Christmas in 1829. He was so fascinated by the tale of the Siege of Troy. He promised himself to become an archaeologist and will excavate the city of Troy one day. In those days archaeology was not taken seriously and looked at as digging in mud, dust and finding broken articles.

It took 45 years till his dream came true and in 1873 on the hill of Hisarlik in Turkey , Schliemann found the site of Troy. He had about 100 Turkish men to help him digging up the ancient city of 4000 years ago. This finally proved that the epic war between Troy and Greece really happened. Artifacts were found which gave a huge inside knowledge of the live of people and priceless jewellery the famous “Priam’s Treasure.”

Jens Nicolai who wrote and directed a film called Troy: The Truth Behind The Legend states: ” We owe it to Schliemann that Troy doesn’t just live on as a myth, but is now a real place in the atlas of world history,”

Schliemann was fascinated about the Ancient World. Jens also explains the reason we are so intrigued by the legend of the Ancient World is because the story of Troy and the Trojan War if one of the earliest epics in the West.Until Schliemann discovered the ruins, the story was looked at and accepted as fantasy.

Till this happened Schliemann was known as a flamboyant, ecocentric, half-mad dreamer who is looking for the city of Troy. Till such time the tale was accepted as a poem of a mystical place. However, Schliemann did have a habit of mixing facts with fiction but was a talented self-promoter. When he achieved his dream and found the ruins of Troy he also received a place in history for himself.

He not only dug up the ruins of Troy and its treasures he also found in 1876 the famous “Mask of Agamemnon on the site at Mycenae. Apparently Schlieman only found a fraction of Troy. The area was an important trading post and settlements were built and destroyed around it.

It also was due to Schliemann that archaeology was turned into a most important science.  Archaelogists digging up the past enables us to look into the mysterious world of our ancesters..

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