Ten Commandments For a Good Relationship

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In my observation, experienced and opinion, relationship need:

1.) True Love – Love your partner unconditionally. Love must be the inner core of every relationship. It’s hard to be around with someone you don’t love. 

2.) Trust – You need to trust each other, otherwise you will be always fighting which is not good indication of a happy relationship.

3.) Faithfulness – You need to be faithful even your partner’s eyes is not staring at you. Faithfulness is definitely tested by distance and time. There is a saying that says ” faithfulness will bring you everywhere”. Everywhere because you are confident enough that you can manage yourself of not to be tempted. 

4.) Commitment – Commitment will blanket and tied your relationship. If you committed with each other she/he the only one you love you can fight temptation.

5.)Patient and Perseverance – You need to be patient in every circumstances you might encounter. In this part, you need to disregard your temper.

6.) Forgiveness – Learn to forgive if one of you commit a mistake. It is always a good feeling if you are forgiven. 

7.) Learn to say ” Sorry” – Sometimes, sorry is a hard word to say. But it is important in a relationship. We will lost nothing if we will forgive our partner. 

8.) Loyalty – Being loyal is always having an award. It means your heart is only for your beloved and partner. Not to the sexy woman that you saw in a day or a macho man that you saw in a TV.

9.) Appreciation  – Appreciation is FREE. You need to appreciate your partner on his/her every achievements. It makes him/her work harder for both of you. If possible give him a reward, a card, a trophy, bake a cake or cook your partner’s favorite food. 

10.) God as your Foundation – Above all, put and include God in every details of your relationship. The relationship will be stronger if it is founded with God. Praying together is another plus for a relationship. Christ centered relationship is a happy relationship. 

In addition, my friends suggested me that communication and respect needs to be on the list which are very important as well in a relationship. 


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