Folding Trolley Bag From Colonial Medical Assisted Devices Review

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One week ago I purchased the Folding Trolley Bag from Colonial Medical Assisted Devices on Amazon. This is a new product used mainly for transporting groceries and other heavy items. I could not find any reviews about this trolley bag on Amazon, however, the price was very reasonable and the trolley bag seemed cute and fashionable. Recently, I have started to cook at home in an effort to become healthier and save some money. I got tired of spending unusually large sums of money to buy take out food and decided that I was going to invest in a small personal shopping cart to help me carry the groceries home. I am a petite lady and the standard grocery cart is too big and uncomfortable for me to roll around. However, after using this folding trolley bag from Colonial Medical Assisted Devices, I am back to using my big old shopping cart.

The bag looks like an art box in its folded state. The handle is small and uncomfortable. It is made from some sort of rough material and comes with sharp edges on the sides. The color is not vibrant at all. It looks like someone has washed this bag one too many times in the laundry. Very ugly faded color. Even when you are carrying this trolley bag as a purse, it is still somewhat heavy and bulky. It is difficult to fit it inside a purse so you will have to carry it separately. 

When you unfold the trolley bag and fill it with groceries, it only takes in two shopping bags. If you plan to do some serious shopping you should not carry this cart. Also, there is no zipper to close the cart from the top. You must always check the cart from time to time to make sure that your items do not fall out. One you get back home from your trip you will quickly notice that the small wheels have gathered an unusually large amount of sticky dirt from the street. It will take you at least thirty minutes to clean out the dirt. Some of it may never come off. It is really disgusting to have to fold the cart back into a purse with the knowledge that the wheels are not clean. I actually threw out this folding trolley bag after my first visit to the supermarket with it. The handles on this cart are very short and you constantly have to bend down toward the left or the right in order to keep the wheels rolling on the ground. My hand was seriously strained after that grocery shopping trips. This cart only makes shopping more difficult. Not fun at all!


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