Chinese B&f Soap Rose Review

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A few weeks back I have purchased the Chinese B&F Soap Rose from This soap was priced at an attractive price of $.79. On Amazon you can find many pleasant reviews about this product. As a result of reading these reviews I have finally made the decision to spend my hard earned money on this product.

Please do not get fooled by the cheap price advertised on this website. The seller charges five dollars in shipping and handling costs. All together you will end up paying approximately six dollars for a tiny bar of cheap soap. The package is pink and attractive. The writing is nice as well. If you are thinking about purchasing this soap as a gift, I will tell you right now that it is a poor gift and is not worth your money. This kind of soap you can buy from your local 99 cent shop for fifty cents or less.

This soap is supposed to smell like rose and jasmin. However, it simply smells like plain old fashioned soap. There is no scent at all. The person who wrote the review on Amazon about how great this product smells should be ashamed of themselves. Also, this soap melts just as much as any other soap that I have used in the past. The reviews on Amazon are simply a bunch of lies. One thing about this soap that is not mentioned on Amazon however, is that this soap makes your skin very tight and dry. I am not sure what kind of ingredients are included in this product, however, I imagine that these ingredients cannot be very beneficial for your skin. After taking a shower with this soap I feel like I just took a bath in laundry detergent. The squeaky clean feeling is a bit much. When it comes to buying things on Amazon I recommend that you buy in bulk. Look for offers where the shipping and handling is already included in the price of the product. That way you know what you are paying for. This soap is a rip off. I can get a nice body wash for six dollars. This merchant was lucky that I had a few dollars worth of Amazon gift certificate money that I had to waste.


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