Gold Bond Ultimate Deep Moisture Body Wash Review

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I love trying new beauty products. I especially love trying them free of charge. Recently, I was fortunate enough to receive a free sample of the Gold Bond Ultimate Deep Moisture Body Wash. When I initially looked at the package, I automatically assumed that this product would have a very creamy and luxurious texture. The package mentions that the body wash contains vitamins A, C, E, 7 essential moisturizers, and shea butter. On the package it also says that this product makes your skin look and feel noticeably softer and that it turns into a rich creamy lather.

Personally, I know Gold Bond more for its medical products such as scar cream or band aids. It seems that this medical brand is now attempting to break into the already highly saturated market of body wash. To be honest I do not feel that Gold Bond is doing a very good job. There are plenty of body wash product that feature exactly the same ingredient, cost less, and offer a better scent and texture.

The scent of this product smells nothing like shea butter. It smells more like rubbing alcohol and cheap soap. Also, the body wash is watery and not creamy at all. It does not foam and generally does not appeal to the senses in any way. I would rather prefer to wash myself with regular soap such as Dove or Olay. Even regular soap offers a better scent and overall feeling than this body wash product. Also, the package looks too much like some product from Neutrogena. Gold Bond should really focus on creating an original product and stop trying to imitate other companies. Since Gold Bond initially started out as a medical brand, perhaps they should try to create a body wash with some real medical benefits. It would not hurt to invest some money into research and development. On the package it says that this product is new, however, there is nothing new about it. Do not waste your money on this product. It really is not worth it. You will do better with a body wash from the ninety nine cent shop.


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