Natural Ant Repellent in House

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Natural ant repellent in house
These creepy crawling bugs come in crawling with a set mission climbing into your cupboards and crawling all over the house. They appear from nowhere all of a sudden and all you want is to get rid of them. If you are eco-friendly and don’t want to use toxins and chemical to get rid of these crawling creature than these natural ant repellent tips surely will be of great help to you.
These natural ant repellent tips will not kill the bugs neither you need to worry about inhaling those toxins and chemicals. Some natural ant repellent tips will solve the problem for you. Try out some of the natural ant repellent tips and check out for yourself how effective they are.
Mix a proportionate amount of vinegar and water, spray it around the area the bugs show up.  Ants ca’t stand the smell of vinegar and as such vinegar is one of the best natural ant repellent. Vinegar drives the bugs away without killing them and repeated use will ensure that the crawling armies don’t re-enter.
Belief it or not, if you draw a simple line on the ground with white chalk, Ants will not cross over the line. So chalk also acts as a natural ant repellent in house without killing the bug or causing them any harm.
Black Pepper
Sprinkle some black pepper near the entrance area and it will ensure that they don’t cross in. Black pepper also is a very effective natural ant repellent which doesn’t cause the bug any harm and simply restricts them from entering.
Cucumber Peels
Another effective method of keeping them away is keeping Cucumber peels in the entrance area. Don’t ask me how but it is tested and effective method of keeping them away.
Cayenne Pepper
Use of Cayenne Pepper also helps in keeping them away. Use of Cayenne Pepper provides immediate results.
The use of Cinnamon also acts as an effective Natural ant repellent. Sprinkle Cinnamon around the area they frequently visit and that will put an end to it.
These are some very interesting and effective natural ant repellent tips especially if you don’t like killing the bugs. Use any of the tips mentioned above and it will ensure that these creatures will not pester you again. A complete natural and eco-friendly method of keeping the crawling armies entering your home.


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