Get Fit With Yoga Practice

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Get Fit With Yoga Practice

By Staysik

Studies have shown that the meditation, deep-breathing and exercise that forms the foundation of yoga is beneficial for health and the body in many ways.  Yoga practice is the balance of mind, body and spirit.  Yoga works the muscles in three ways too: strengthening, flexibility, and balance.  This is an ideal workout component for fitness.  You will increase your stamina as you increase your strength and flexibility.  The asanas can be done slowly, or fairly quickly, as in Power Yoga.  In Power Yoga, the amount of calories burned can be equal to walking quickly on the treadmill, yet you get a full body workout as well. 

            By practicing yoga on a daily basis you can see many benefits to your health. You can start by doing a few of the full-body poses, or asanas, like the Sun Salutation series of asanas. To learn the Sun Salutations, take a class, check your local library for a DVD or video, download a yoga workout to your i-pod, or try Swap-a-DVD, or rent a DVD from Netflix. You can also look online, on You Tube for proper demonstration of technique on the poses. 

            It is important to see the poses being done, and to hear the instructions when you are just learning. This helps to prevent injury from moving into the asanas incorrectly or not properly aligning your body into the poses.   From there, you can start to really move into the poses more quickly and purposefully once you have become accustomed to them.  It is really important that you learn them first and get a good grasp of what proper alignment and posture is first however.   If you do 35 to 60 minutes 4-5 times a week, you will begin to see a really big difference in your body and strength in a week or two, depending on your level of fitness.  

            Start with the basic Sun Salutation series of poses to familiarize yourself with yoga- then you can discover the many types and variations of hatha yoga that are being practiced.  You can even stick with the Sun Salutations for 30 minutes for the first couple of weeks and you will start to feel and see changes in your physique.  Always warm-up and follow instructions thoroughly and make sure you are checking your posture frequently as you breathe in and align your body into the poses.  Check with your doctor before beginning a yoga practice.  Make sure the poses you do are cleared by your doctor or health care provider.  Stay consistent, and make sure you are breathing at the right times (with the poses) and you will see great results! These flowing vinyansa -style poses will really transform your body if you stick with them


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