Microsoft Office Outlook: Creating New Email Message – Tips For Beginners

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Microsoft Outlook offers a easy to use message editor which uses Microsoft Office Word Application platform.  This article will show you how to use and compose new messages in Microsoft Office Outlook Application Software. Also on how to attach file, adding CC and Bcc in your recipient, Microsoft outlook Message editor and formatting and many more has being stated in this article.

Creating New Email Message. Creating new email message in Microsoft Office Outlook was so easy, jsut click in the “New button in the top menu” or go to file menu, click on New and select Mail Message or simple hit Ctrl+N in your keyboard.

Composing email messages. Email messages composing in Microsoft Outlook is like only you are working in Microsoft Office Work application. You can simply type the message in the messages area. You can use also Font formatting like Bold, Underline and italic. If you want to change your font size and font style it was very much possible. Bullets and Numbering are also available in your Microsoft Outlook Message editor. Paragraph formatting like Left alignment, Right alignment, Center alignment and Increase and Decrease Indent can also be use in composing new email messages.

Adding To, CC, and BCC. By clicking the button To in your message recipient area you can automatically add your exixting contacts in To, Cc and Bcc of your email message. Typing email address of the person where you want to send the message was also applicable.

Adding Message Subject. Message subject area must also be filled even it is not a required part of your email message but it was so important. Some email address detects no subject email message as spam and move it automatically to the spam folder that caused your email recipient not to notice and read it.  

Adding Message Importance. You can set your email message importance based on your desire, there are 3 options that you can choose, high Importance, Low Importance and Normal if you did not set. High important messages will be flagged with red exclamation point that can be easily to be notice by your email recipient.

Files Attachment. Adding file attachment was also available in Microsoft Office Outlook application software to attach files in your email message just click the paper clip icon or the message attachment icons and browse the file you want to attach in your email message. You can attach files like Microsoft Office Word document, Microsoft Office Excel Document, PowerPoint Presentation, images like Jpeg, gif, png, and other files like Photoshop files, CorelDraw, pdf and illustrator files. Files attachment size will depend in the email address maximum files attachment. Microsoft outlook has no limit in attachment size. Before attaching file make sure that your email address can support large file attachment and know the maximum file size can it carry.

Sending the message. Hit the send button to send your new email message. Just wait for some time in order that Microsoft Outlook can send it totally. 


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