Microsoft Office Outlook: Advantages of Microsoft Outlook as Mail Client

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What is an email client? Email client is computer software that being used to read and send emails messages. Mail clients software applications includes services like email composing, receiving emails, sending email messages, contact management, task and calendars. Some of the most popular email clients are Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Pegasus Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple Mail.

This article will show you some advantages and difference of Microsoft office Outlook compare to other mail client. This is a compilation of some ideas of Microsoft Outlook users. Microsoft Outlook is one of the components included in Microsoft office Application Pack. Microsoft Outlook was not only a independent mail client software but also a software that support group scheduling, email and task management using Microsoft exchange software. Using Microsoft Office outlook software application you can manage your emails, calendars contacts, task and to do list. Microsoft Outlook can also help you in sharing information by means of public folders, forms and internet connectivity.

You can setup multiple email accounts. Microsoft Office Outlook application allows you to setup multiple e-mail address in one software platform. You can set-up different email address coming from different mail servers. For example you can set-up yahoo mail in Microsoft Office Outlook together with your Gmail Account as long that your email address was supported by Microsoft Office Outlook.

Can support POP, IMAP and HTTP base email providers. Microsoft Office Outlook can support free email addresses provided free email providers as long as it can supports POP, IMAP and HTTP servers. Some of the email providers that Microsoft Outlook can support are Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Lycos, AOL and many more.

Easy to Organize and Search Emails. You can easily organize your email messages by creating custom messages rules. These message rules will automatically runs every time your an email messages arrive in your inbox folder. For example I have set a message rules that states when messages arrive from John it will automatically moved to the folder named “Messages from John”.  You can also search messages easily just type the keyword or the name of the sender to find the messages you want to find. You can also organize your email messages message sorting option. You can sort your messages by date received, sender name, message subject, flags, category, attachment and other custom sorting options.  

Easy to search Information needed. Searching contacts task and calendars inputs also made easy in Microsoft Office Outlook. Just type the keyword that best describe the data you want to file and Microsoft Office Outlook will conducts a search within the whole application including mails, calendars, contacts and task.

Messages spam filtering. You can set-up email message filtering to avoid more spam messages in your inbox message folder.  Unsecured email messages will automatically moved into your spam folder. 


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