Building a New Backlink to Your Website

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Well, now you have a new domain name and you may register for 2-3 months. Now what you need to do is build a new backlink to your website. The matter is important to make your website in the index by search engines, with the other hand, found by internet users around the world. So here I have a list you need to do to build backlinks to your new website.

1. Creating backlinks by using the article.

Perhaps you are confused about this, because many of the wrong impression by using the same articles to assist them in building backlinks. In fact they are wrong, if you choose this method you should use a different article so that it quickly in the index by search engines, and indirectly gives you a backlink is neutral. What you should do is, write articles and submit articles to the website, the website for free.

2. Make a daily posting.

It also helps you in building internal backlinks. URLs you have a website store, but it was the integration with the blog. The purpose of this blog is to make your website faster in the index. Arguably, your blog is your website assistant. No idea what to write? make sure you write matters relating to the website.

3. Comment on the blog to others.

Matter is most easily done, because you only need to comment on blogs related to your website. Also be difficult if you do not have an idea for comment.

4. Signing up to social network website.

Easy aje, a list of websites myspace, facebook or twitter, while looking for a friend, while promoting your product or website.

5. Creating backlinks to Link Directory.

Once this is recognized by Google as one way to build backlinks. But since google has made their guidelines on this matter. Made many webmasters are less using this method. In my opinion, you do better than you are doing. Maybe google just does not receive a backlink from a directory but not Yahoo, or MSN, they still count it as a backlink to your website.

Of course, you should do it gradually, I mean here. Never use a simple way, like using auto Submission software or the like. Because the use of such means may lead to your website in search engine disrupted.


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