Blogspot: Free But Can Generate Income

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Blogging is no stranger at this time. Some say powerful idea of ​​making it, and there were also a hobby that generates income from it. Blogspot is a free blogging medium is provided by google. Today, many of them using blogspot to make money either full time or part time. How can we make money from blogspot?

1. Advertise
This is a common way for bloggers to generate income dariapda their blog. Usually they will put adsense ads (from Google) on their blogs. There are two ways they will get paid from advertising, that is:

a) by impression (CPM) – how many times the ad appeared. It is calculated each time a visitor goes to your blog.

b) by the click (CPC) – you get paid when visitors click the ads you put in there.

But to my blog, I use adsniaga. It is just like adsense it
undertaken by local children.

2. Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program is a program that we advertise or sell products, usually ebook. Our job is advertised as affiliatter link or banner provided. If there are customers who buy through the link or banner, we will be paid to certain commissions. The program is very popular because a person does not need to make their products rather than merely promote the products of others.

3. Ad space
Some bloggers also provides space for advertising. Rental rates for such advertising Lean to the number of visitors to the blog and also the position of the ad. This method is very advantageous because typically charges a bit high for a single ad for example, RM 100 per month. If the blogger is providing advertising space 10 means he can to RM 1000 per month.

4. Sell ​​your own products
There is also using blogspot as their product catalogs to sell their own products. Many have received lucrative way to sell this cover, great biscuits, accessories and children’s clothes and so on. Blogspot examples used to sell their own products is KoleksiSalmy Blogspot.

Of the three ways mentioned above, one method is best for the new berjinak in the blogging world. Methods 2 and 3 according to the increasing number of blog visitors. While the method is to just-4 can be used by anyone to sell their products.

Blogspot is a medium that is very functional and very useful. More importantly it is FREE. Let the next you’re not spending time in cyberspace alone, but you can get income from your hobby.


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