Game Review: Gemini Rue

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Game rating: 4/5.

Three reasons to buy Gemini Rue:

1) Excellent story.

2) Amazing sound effects.

3) Easy to play.

Three reasons to avoid buying Gemini Rue:

1) It is difficult to make the protagonist shoot with his gun.

2) It is not possible to save the game sometimes.

3) Some supporting characters are dull.


Gemini Rue is a downloadable game which belongs to the adventure genre. This downloadable game was created by Joshua Nuernberger. He is a well known name in the gaming industry. The game was published by Wadjet Eye Games. The story, which is set in a neo-noir future, is very interesting.

Azriel Odin and Delta Six are the main characters of this game. Azriel, a reformed assassin, visits Barracus (a rain drenched planet) to rescue his brother and other people from the Boryokudan (galaxy’s biggest crime syndicate). Things get complicated for him and he is forced to seek help of criminals.

Another prominent character, Delta Six wakes up in a medical center called Center 7 with no memory. The residents of this center are controlled by a “Director”. Delta Six is told that he could be free if he is obedient. He is unable to decide whom to trust. He determines to escape before losing his identity altogether.

Azriel and Delta Six meet during the course of the game. Players can control both Azriel Odin and Delta Six. Matthius Howard, Epsilon Five, Giselle and Balder are other interesting characters. This downloadable game is created with the Adventure Game Studio engine and has many twists and turns. 

This story driven adventure game comes with admirable graphics and excellent sound effects. This downloadable game’s original sound track, which was composed by Nathan Allen Pinard, is impressive. Hand drawn backgrounds and other visuals enhance the gaming experience. Interactive objects are highlighted with text. Players can also leave their comments.

Commentaries have enhanced the gaming experience. Dialogs are believable. It is easy to play this 2D point and click game. Players can walk by clicking where they want to go. They can talk by selecting the character and by using the “talk” icon. They can also manipulate other characters. Creators have incorporated “gunplay” into the game. This has made the game more exciting. 

One of the drawbacks of this game is that it is difficult for the players to make the protagonist use his gun. They have to use ASD keys and space-bar for this purpose. Players have to use on-screen meter to execute head shot. But it is hard to watch the moving enemy and the meter simultaneously while playing the game. Some gamers may not like hyper-pixelated style used in the game. Another minor glitch is that the players cannot save the game sometimes. 

Gemini Rue is an innovative idea. This downloadable game is entertaining and thought provoking. Players may get a feeling that life is cheap, while playing this game. People who enjoy adventure and science fiction will definitely like this game.


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