Review on Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Saving The Life And Hearing of a Four Year Old

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Review on Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals saving the life and hearing of a four year old

Four year old girl Fatima gets hope of new life with ability to hear after the successful surgery by doctors of Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals.

Fatima, a 4 year old girl from Iraq came to Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals with complains of complete deafness. A multidisciplinary team of Dr Ameet Kishore (ENT and neurotology surgeon), Dr. Pranav Kumar (neurosurgeon) at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals carried out a successful Auditory Brain Implant on her.

The girl, Fatima was diagnosed with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss with underdeveloped cochlea. Fatima was unable to hear since birth. “On evaluation and pre assessment it was found that the cochlea of the child was very small and the auditory nerve was also very poorly developed so a cochlea implant in such a case was not possible. The only option available was an Auditory Brain Implant which is a very risky surgery as it runs the risk of stroke, or paralysis because a very delicate area of the brain is operated upon.” said Dr. Ameet Kishore, ENT and cochlea implant surgeon, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals.

Fatima underwent a nine hour long surgery where an electrode array was inserted into the brain stem with the help of Dr. Pranav Kumar. The receiver/stimulator was secured to the skull. “In a normal hearing process the sound waves are transmitted to the ear, they travel from the ear drum, through the middle ear to the cochlea where sound waves get converted to electrical impulses. These electrical impulses travel through the brainstem to the hearing centre in the brain. Fatima had to undergo an ABI procedure because her cochlea was very small and her auditory nerve was also poorly developed,” said Dr. Pranav Kumar, Neurosurgeon, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals.

The surgery is one of its kind as it has been performed independently by two Indian surgeons for the first time in India. The surgery was monitored live by a doctor in Melbourne, Australia who congratulated the Indian Doctors for the successful surgery. CT scan was done post the surgery which confirmed that the implant was in position and all was fine.

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