Which Sunglasses Are Proper For Skiing?

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On the beach,in the hot summer days,most of us wear sunglasses. They are necessary to protect from the sun. The mountainside picture is slightly different but the glasses should also be an important part of our equipment. Up there even in subzero temperatures bright sun can harm us a lot, because the snow reflects the sun light back to us. On the other hand the impact of UV exposure is greater because we are closer to the sun. The proper selection of glasses will help us see better in such situations and avoid possible eye damage.
            Is it important that we wear glasses, even in the mountains. Actually, it is very important to choose correctly your sunglasses, because there are many factors that depend on you, on whether you suffer from any eye disease, the conditions under which you will use them and a bunch of other things. We should not forget about the fake sunglasses, which are widely offered on our market. Ultimately, a little education on the topic is useful for everyone, so the merchants cannot deceive us as easy, and we will go into a shop or optics.
            Let’s start with the most important part of sunglasses: the glass. On it will depend how clearly we see in light, will it be resistant to temperatures, but not least – the price.
Here are some types of glasses and you can decide which are most suitable for you:

·         Glass – well-known material. Very good clarity and relatively resistant to scratches. The disadvantages are fragility and high cost;

·         Polycarbonate – There also appears to be good vision and good scratch resistance and are also not so easy to break

·         NXT polyurethane – They combine all the advantages of the previous two models, but are considerably more expensive.

·         Acrylic – for those who would use them less frequently. They are cheap, but slightly blury and during prolonged use can irritate you.

The color of the glass is very important and should be chosen according to the purpose, for example –
skiing sunglasses.Most suitable for winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, etc.) are yellow and gold glasses. They provide excellent protection against glare and enhance contrast in conditions of low light. If you drive in mountainous and forested locations, then pick a pink or red glass. Except that the world looks pinker to you, they provide perfect visibility in low sunlight, and also enhance the contrast of objects against blue and green background. For walking in winter conditions and strong sunlight, you need serious protection against glare. You can help yourself by buying glasses with brown, green or gray tint. They obscure the light, but do not change colors of objects. The glasses with mirror finish are also useful in the mountains, because the glare is reflected back. Some brands offer the opportunity of sunglasses replacement lenses with proper for all times.

If we use sunglasses in various conditions, such as the described above, it is better to spend little more, but be aware that wehave all options.


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