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India is a country of democracy, or so it is called.

The extreme situations of politics are not opaque from the vision of any Tom Dick or Harry. Government has become a company that gives the rich, money that has been drenched in sweat of hard earning people. We have been a subject of corruption, bribery, scam, illegally legal acts (the list continues) for whole of our life from buying goods to registering FIR to voting for parties in election.

Politics is far beyond the reach of common people in India. Of course there’s democracy; in a MONARCHY way that is. No matter how much new faces we see for the elections, after all they are from one of the few common parties ruled by the same set of people. Simple yet unthinkable. If just for once, the ever exotic election is not held, a whole new metro system could be set up in a city. Even the amount spent on promotion of a party through banners and vocal display is uncountable!

We have the complete support of booth capturing, vote exchanging, forced voting, caste based voting, majority support, mislead votes, false vote counts, you name it.

We enjoy the presence of illiterate politicians designating work to the literate officials, and the politicians who have a pretty filled up crime record. The politicians who run our precious India…

And if no party gets a majority, the parties combine to form a coalition government. A waste of time, money and yet not the desirable democracy effect.

The government yells to stop differentiating people by caste. But still, the first thing we see after name and address column in a government form is caste followed by religion.

Just some decades ago, the same caste which was considered untouchable, people are paying to convert themselves to that cast today. A name tag has become so important that it decides the career of people. And sometimes life or death. An irony of time.

The government trying for the upbringing of the lower castes. Which itself is a division in the society. Upbringing lower castes comes with the price of isolation of a common person. Moreover, this is the reason we see less potent people commanding over the more talented ones, ultimately leading to the disastrous decisions.

This may seem provoking but this is the bitter truth. For a moment if we forget our names and identity and look at the situation, we can understand the depth of it.

But let’s ask ourselves; knowing all this, are we even raising a voice, let alone doing anything. People choose to be the Gandhian Monkey until they live but are afraid to walk the path he carved.  Some do wrong, some watch them do wrong, very few raise their voices and the rest wage a war to suppress them.

All we care for is that OUR life be frictionless. We forget that we walk on the path that was made smooth by the continuous effort of someone.

Let us face the facts. A Panel Code 65 years old? Is our country still the same old farming country which just tasted freedom. Has our country not developed or changed at all in these 65 years? India is Asian superpower and a Nuclear Triad. There are more developments than can be listed to create a reason for a change.

A common voting place should be built in every area of our country. Not for voting for parties to rule, but for suggestions and agreement. All the major decisions to be taken must first pass through public approval in which people can send their approval or disapproval for the decision and the verdict based on majority.

All the party promotions should be replaced by just public speech.

Eligibility should be placed for entering politics line.

Tax system should be revised.

Facilities for politicians reduced and the lump sum amount devoted to the upbringing of below poverty line.

Any candidate for elections should not be allowed to reveal his cast and religion.

The top most positions for leaders should be directly linked to common people.

These are some suggestions that can be made to make India a better place. It all lies in our hands.

Let us make India a real democratic country where the power is truly in the hands of a common man.


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