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I was always considered somewhat of a pain in school. See while everyone understood what was going on, I didn’t. So of course my little hand would go up, often. Sometimes I heard the snickers but I never let it bother me. It actually helped me because I now consider myself a know-it-all, and that is something that can greatly be used to my advantage when answering questions. Want to know why? Well, many companies online allow users to earn money by answering questions. You see this all the time on tutoring sites but many companies offer the same thing in a general setting. This means that in your spare time, you can get paid to answer questions. Think of it as data entry. Think of it as research. Think of it as whatever you want. The point is, you’re meeting a need in exchange for some cash. There are many websites that allow you to do this. Here are some of my favorites.

  1. ChaCha – ChaCha doesn’t have a good reputation amongst the work home community. Not because they are not legit. They are. But they changed their payscale to their independent contractors. Workers became outraged and lots of them left. You earn like .02 cents a question. Keep in mind, I believe this used to be .10 cents. But in light of this, ChaCha is still legit and easy. It’s even kind of fun and addicting. If you’re a fast typist, you’ll have a little chunk of change for a few meals and some gas at the end of the month. Who couldn’t use more gas money?
  2. KGB – If you watch a lot of tv, then you’ve probably seen commercials about this company. They present themselves as special agents ready to research and answer any kind of question in the shortest amount of time. I believe they pay far better than ChaCha. Although, the entry test to get in is quite challenging. I’m a fast typist and I did try to research all the answers while I was taking the test. I did get in but I decided not to go through with it when I realized I had to schedule shifts to work. I’m more of a free spirit.
  3. IMShopping – This site allows you to answer shopping questions and it’s changed so I’m not exactly sure how they work now. It could be a voting system and they could just do it for points or allow you to work your way up until they invite you on as a contractor to earn some cash. Those interested should sign up on the website and contact Kim who is in the list of staff on located on about us page.
  4. Weegy – They have a fairly simple model. You sign – up and then you can begin working. I’ve never worked with them but from what I know they used to pay like .20 a conversation. Not sure if they still offer that or if they are currently accepting experts. Worth a shot though.
  5. Small Biz Advice – If you’re a business expert, then you can get paid for giving expert business advice.
  6. Askpedia – This site lets you answer general questions and rewards you with points which can then be redeemd for cash rewards.
  7. WebAnswers – This site allows you to earn money for answering questions through revenue sharing with Google Adsense.
  8. Just Answer – This site isn’t for everyone. You must be an educated expert with credentials to prove it. They will be verified. But if you do fit the bill, you’ll get a portion of the money the customers provide to get the advice they are seeking.  
  9. KnowBrainers – This site pays you to answer questions but only after you’ve been an active participant at asking and answering for free first.
  10. Help Owl – This site is kind of cool. While you don’t earn cash you do earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards to merchants like Amazon and Walmart. Keep in mind, it does take a considerable amont of time and work to be able to earn enough but the points do add up fast.

Also keep in mind that you can continue to research and answer more questions as a tutor to students that need help with homework. Student Questions is the perfect model for this and there are many more like it. Remember to have fun and happy answering.


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