Reformat Your Computer And Install Windows xp

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         Sometimes, problem with Computer caused by PC viruses gets worse and reformatting your computer and reinstalling operating system (Windows XP, NT, Windows Vista, etc…) becomes your only option in order to fix your PC.  Knowing how to reformat a computer will help you to save your money in times of PC problem because you can reformat your disk yourself and you don’t have to call for technicians.  Formatting a disk is just one of the basics when it comes to computer troubleshooting but most people don’t know how to do it.  If you are one of them, here’s how to reformat a computer and also how to reinstall your Windows XP Operating System.

NOTE:  If you have a network connection, please unplug from the network cablebefore starting your installation.

1. It is important to  make sure that your computer is set to Boot to CD. It depends on your computer.  When your computer first boots look for an option to enter the BIOS settings. In the BIOS settings find the Boot Order and make sure the CD-ROM is set to boot first. Save and save the changes,then restart your computer.

2.  Insert your Windows Xp installer then “Press Any Key to Boot from CD”.

3. System Loading.

4. Press F8 to accept Microsoft license agreement.

5. Press enter to start the windows installation

6.  After installing the necessary setup files, Windows XP will display your partitions.  Delete any existing partitions by selecting the desired partition with the arrow keys, press D to delete and then L to confirm the deletion.

7. You should now have only one option, “Unpartitioned Space“.  Press Enter to install Windows XP to the unpartitioned space.

8. When asked how you would like to format the partition, select “Format using the NTFS file system“.

9. After the partition is formatted, Windows XP will begin installation.  The computer will reboot.  While the computer is rebooting, please do not touch any keys.  From now on the screens will look like the following:

10. Enter your product key.  If you purchased Windows XP from the IMU Bookstore, the product key will be located on the back of the sleeve your CD came in.  If you are reformatting using a Windows XP CD that came with your computer, the product key may be located on a sticker somewhere on your computer case.

11. When asked for Network Settings, choose “Typical Settings“.

12. Windows XP will now complete installation.  Upon completion you will need to re-install the drivers for your hardware (Modem, Sound, Video, etc).  Install your hardware driver with the computer.  Simply insert the CD and follow the instructions.

13. Next turn on the Internet Connection Firewall.

14. Reconnect your computer to the Network if you have.

 15. Restart your computer.

Note: “Use Original Installer


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