How to Advertise Your Etsy Shop by Swapping Flyers

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There are many effective ways to advertise an online crafting business like an Etsy or Artfire shop.  But one of my favories remains an old stand-by that requires far less technology than many other options:  swapping flyers or business cards.

I always include a flyer or business card for my own shop in all outgoing orders.  I also like to take it a step father and send out flyers for a couple of other shops as well.  In turn, these shops send out my flyers with their orders!  Here’s how to get started swapping flyers:

You will need:

*  Flyers or business cards to swap
*  Envelope
*  Postage

1.  Order or make business cards or flyers to swap.  Be sure to include your web address (URL) and either a picture or wording that explains who you are and what you do.

2.  Seek out other Etsy shops to swap flyers with.  Start with the shops in your favorites list, and look for places that carry an inventory whose audience would probably also enjoy your wares.

Contact these sellers individually.  Explain to them the concept of the flyer swap, give them the link to your shop so they can check it out, and ask if they would like to swap with you.

3.  When you find someone to swap with, simply exchange addresses and mail your flyers or business cards off to each other.  It’s that easy!

4.  When the other store’s flyers arrive, put them in with your shipping supplies and start sending them out with orders!

*  When designing your flyer, you may want to include a discount and make it into a coupon!  Say something like “mention this flyer at checkout and get 10% off your order.”  This not only encourages people to check out your shop and browse your inventory, it also gives you a way to track how well the flyers are working!

If you have any flyers left over after you get done sending them out to other sellers, it’s not a bad idea to distribute some of them locally as well.  Ask around at local businesses that might have some of the same customers as you and see if you can leave a stack on the counter or have them placed in customers’ bags at checkout.


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