Tips For Shopping For Clothing at Thrift Stores

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Do you have a hard time finding good things at Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and other thrift shops?  Here is a handy guide to how to find the best clothes for cheap!

1.  Make sure you look through the entire rack.  If there are 2 shirts you would like on a rack 0f 100, and you only look at a half dozen of them, your odds if finding the ones you want aren’t very good!

2.  Try on things that you normally might not.  What looks so-so on a hanger probably looks better on a body!

3.  If a garment doesn’t fit right, put it back unless; A) you plan to get it altered, or B) It’s juuuust too small and you are using it as a goal for weigh loss!

4.  It’s also a good idea to surf the sizes near yours.  Sizes vary from brand to brand and even from year to year.  If you are looking for vintage clothing, remember that anything pre-1980 will average six sizes larger than modern sizes!  (So today’s size 8 was on average a size 14 in 1975!)  Some brands also size by measurements, which can further complicate what already tends to be a haphazard organizational system.

5.  Be sure to check all seams for integrity and make sure you aren’t missing any buttons or other fasteners.  Inspect the garment in good light for stains.  (Go near a window if possible!)

6.  If you don’t find anything, don’t be discouraged.  Even the most experienced second-hand shopper sometimes walks away empty-handed.  Be sure to check back often, as these types of stores have a constantly rotating inventory.  You can stop back every day and find something new!

7.  Check with your favorite shops to see if they have any sales.  Some stores have certain color tags on sale on certain days, or some have a particular day of the month that they have a blowout sale to make room for new inventory.  Mark these sales on your calendar!

8.  The most important thing to remember is…  HAVE FUN!

When you’re done with your new clothes, or if you have old clothes you don’t wear anymore hiding in your closet, take them back to your favorite thrift store for resale.  Most thrift stores operate as a basis for funding some sort of charity, so your donation may even be tax deductible.  Be sure to ask for a receipt for all donations!


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