How to Be Active When You Travel

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How to Be Active When You Travel

By staysik


Vacations and fitness don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There are plenty of vacation packages that provide adventure travel, walking tours or biking tours. You can set up your own hiking vacation by choosing a spot with plenty of recreational activities around.

Active vacations are fun for the whole family-ACTIVE VACATIONS-
Check out websites like for planning biking trips, active vacationing for a family, or solo vacations. Centering your whole trip on activities will guarantee fun and will keep you active and stay in shape for your entire vacation.

Try a hiking vacation in Moab-WALKING AND HIKING VACATIONS-
Whether you are vacationing in the city or in the great outdoors, you can wake up every morning and go on a hike or walk without costing you a cent! You will also get some sightseeing and view the local culture in its natural setting.

Yoga on the beach is fantastic-HOTEL FITNESS-
Stay at a hotel with a gym, some even have fitness equipment you can get with your room. If your hotel, or accommodations don’t have any fitness options for you, make your own! Go outdoors and do a little yoga outside, or do this in your room if you are shy. You can do basic moves without any machines or weights: do 20 minutes every morning of crunches, push-ups, lunges, planks, squats, squat-thrusts and jumping jacks. Do these exercises for 1 minute each, and then repeat the circuit for 20 minutes, followed by a 30 minute walk or jog. You can also do yoga everyday to keep your muscles in-shape and limber.

Stretch your legs and body on layovers-FITNESS CENTERS IN AIRPORTS- will tell you if you can find a fitness center at the airport for those long layovers. If you don’t want to pay for a membership at the airport’s fitness center or the airport you’ll be at doesn’t have one, look at the map of the airport and plan out a little tour, walking up stairs as much as you can.

Spa trips are active AND relaxing  -SPA VACATIONS-
If you really want to stay active and spoil yourself at the same time, plan a trip to the spa- either solo or with friends. Check out to find great places like the Green Valley Spa in Southern Utah.


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