How to Cool Your House Without Air Conditioning

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Opening all the windows helps, but on a stifling day with little breeze, it’s just not enough.  And running a dozen fans on high gets expensive, not to mention wasteful of energy!

With a little strategic placement, a single window fan can circulate a lot of air and make your home a lot cooler!

You will need:

*  Window fan (one for each floor of your house)

1.  Stand in the center of your house and look around you.  Decide which direction your house is the most open from end to end.  If your house has any long hallways, this will probably be the direction you will need to choose.  On these ends, open all of the windows.

2.  Leave the windows closed on the other sides of your house.  Find one window near the center of the house and install a window fan.  Place it so that it blows outward.

This fan will pull the fresh air coming in from the open windows through the entire house and keep constant circulation.

3.  Leave all of your doors open.  The air temperature will naturally equalize, cooling even the rooms with closed windows.

4.  If your home has more than one floor, repeat as needed!

Additional tips:

*  If you have ceiling fans, you may want to turn them on to help facilitate circulation.  Make sure they are set on a warm-weather setting; most fans will have a switch near the base.  Make sure the blades are turning so that the breeze is blowing downward!

*  If you still need to use additional fans, position them so that they blow the air toward the center of the house, in the same direction the air is already circulating!

*If you live in a boxy, square house rather than one that is longer and skinnier, try circulating the air from one end of the house to the other.  Rather than putting a fan pointing out at the center of the house, choose one end of the house for the air to exit and draw it in from the other end of the house.  (Think of it kind of like cutting the process in half!)


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