My Friend Told Me How to Win at The Casino by Betting Less Money

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You Can Not Beat the Casino by betting More Money

Most people think that they can win big by putting more time and money in a casino, and this is how one of my friend Calvin, who is making at least $7,000 a month in Las Vegas as a Car Dealer and a Real Estate Agent by selling bank owned house to Chinese People, he teaches me that you should not bet big money to win. 

He is Working for the Casino at Night

Even Calvin makes more money than the other people who lives in Las Vegas, he visits Casino every night and lose most of his income on the table, and this is why I observe how he play and bet.  He is one of the kind who is called “Man who are working for the Casino”, you will find more and more people who is actually working for the Casino in the Las Vegas, who either has lots of money or broke.

Playing On the Table Lose Faster than Slot Machines

Do you know how to lose fast on gambling?  Table game will show you how you can lose at least $5 in 15 seconds.  During the observation, my friend Calvin could lose $100 as quick as 30 minutes when he play blackjack and Taxes Holden.  However, if you play slot machines with the same $100 for 5 cents a game, you could still hold for at least for 1 hour and half.  Therefore, Table game is very easy to eat up all your money if you keep losing the game.

If You Desire to Win Control Yourself

One of the biggest mistake that Calvin makes is out of control, he does not has any idea to control is money and the game.  Therefore, if he win for a several games, he keep playing and lose it all, and if he lose, he still keep playing and lose it more.  So, if you are desire to win the casino, you should lose within your budget and leave the game immediately if you win, then you will be the winner.

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