Miley Cyrus is The Star With The Worst Influence in 2010

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Miley Cyrus e vedeta cu cea mai proasta influenta in 2010
Miley Cyrus, 18-year-old singer who became famous with the role of the Disney series“Hannah Montana” , the public is not successful when he decided to drop the image obedient girl who turned her in teen idol.

In a survey of 99,000 votes were recorded, Miley is seen heading to the May 2010 bad influence, it was the second consecutive year that comes out a winner in this category.

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Miley Cyrus,  cantareata de 18 ani care a devenit celebra cu rolul din seria Disney “Hannah Montana” , publicul nu are succes atunci când a decis să renunţe la fată ascultătoare imaginea care ia transformat în idol al tinerilor.

Într-un sondaj de 99 mii de voturi au fost înregistrate, Miley este văzut poziţia de a influenta proasta mai 2010, a fost al doilea an consecutiv în care apare un câştigător în această categorie.

Miley Cyrus is not Hannah Montana

The former “Hannah Montana” received over 58% of votes from participants in the survey, aged between nine and 15 years.

Thus, it has surpassed Miley Cyrus Lindsay Lohan and Demi Lovato , although both were admitted to rehabilitation clinic last year.

Miley Cyrus nu este Hannah Montana

Fosta “Hannah Montana” a primit peste 58% din voturi din partea participanţilor la sondaj, cu vârste cuprinse între nouă şi 15 ani.

Astfel, aceasta a depăşit Miley Cyrus Lindsay Lohan şi Demi Lovato , deşi ambele au fost admise la clinica de reabilitare anul trecut.

Miley Cyrus on red carpet

From among the stars under survey in May were part of singer Kanye West and actor Chace Crawford of “Gossip Girl” arrested for possession of marijuana.

Miley Cyrus has changed the overall attitude in recent years, was caught by paparazzi in outrageous situations.

Miley Cyrus pe covorul roşu

Din printre stele care face obiectul anchetei mai făceau parte din cantareata Kanye West şi Chace Crawford, actorul din “Gossip Girl”, arestat pentru posesie de marijuana.

Miley Cyrus a schimbat atitudinea generală în ultimii ani, a fost surprins de paparazzi în situaţii scandalos.

Miley Cyrus smoke from bong

After the pictures with her ​​lascivious dancing and partying in the company in May many men have done around the internet, and pictures have appeared in which Miley is smoking a bong illegal drugs or driving while talking on the phone, which is illegal in the U.S. .

She sparked controversy when he lanasat video for “Who Owns My Heart” , which is dressed in very brief.


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