Royal Wedding – Prince William And Kate

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Printul William si Kate au devenit sot si sotie (Video LIVE)

  • Mama lui Kate, Charles, Camilla si o domnisoara de onoare

  • Regina Elisabeta, ducele de Edinburgh si un cavaler de onoare
  • Printul William si Kate in balconul Casei regale
  • Colegii de la aviatie fac un zbor demonstrativ deasupra Palatului Regal

Prince William and Kate have become husband and wife! William and his wife gave precious ring and both have vowed love and respect each other as husband and wife. After the ceremony the couple, along with guests, will start to Buckingham Palace where the wedding reception will be held in honor the couple. There, the entire royal family will come out on balcony where they will greet all those present that they were close, after As required by tradition.

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William si Kate la altar

William and Kate to the altar

Kate a primit inelul

Kate received the ring

Kate Middleton, Prince William’s future wife, reached Westminster Abbey in London to the cheers of those present on The process of this car. Religious ceremony can start now that everyone is gathered at wedding story.


Kate has been likened to Grace Kelly shown for simplicity elegant wedding

Prince William and Prince Harry brother and or honorary knight, arrived at Westminster Abbey London. The two following rigorous protocols, respectively welcoming all the guests at the religious ceremony.

William si Harry

William and Harry arrived at Westminster Abbey

At Westminster Abbey among the 1,900 guests were noted princes and princesses carriers of noble titles, Kate’s family, parents and two brothers, stars Elton John and boyfriend, Victoria & David Beckham, the actor Rowan Atkinson, Prince Charles and Camilla bridesmaids, and Queen Elizabeth II of Great- Britain and Duke of Edinburgh.

Printul Charles si Camilla

Prince Charles and Camilla

Regina Elisabeta a-II-a a Marii Britanii

Queen Elizabeth II of Great-Britain and Duke of Edinburgh

Over 400 million people will be connected to the internet to watch, live, ceremony Wedding of Prince William to Catherine “Kate” Middleton.

William and Kate receive noble titles

Prince William and Catherine “Kate” Middleton will receive noble titles after their wedding. Buckingham Palace has announced that Queen Elizabeth II to appoint him his nephew, Prince William Duke of Cambridge. He will become also the Baron and Earl of Strathearn CarrickfergusPrince William becomes King in no hurryBut instead leave his father, Prince Charles, the most entitled to have this high rank.

Kate Middleton would receive her title The Duchess Cambridge, And Countess of Strathearn and Baroness of CarrickfergusAfter the religious ceremony Westminster Abbey.

Wedding century will be held today at Westminster Abbey in London pulled into the street hundreds of thousands of people eager to participate in the edge, the big event of the British Royal Family.


London is engulfed in a tiny, increases the intensity important ceremonies today, when 30 years come true and from Prince Charles married Princess Diana (1981) which was officiated at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Wedding of William and Kate is celebrated and by 5500 street party, Which will include over 500,000 people, including tourists for this Sosta event.


The guests take their seats in the cathedral Westminster Abbey

Will find the streets and about 5,000 policemen, 8,000 foreign journalists, and 1,000 journalists from the British local stations.

April 29, 2011 has been decreed and National Day UK, Considered the most important day Charles’s wedding to Diana here. The event willaround 1,900 guests.

The most important and long awaited moment is arrival Future Princess Kate Middleton. It sounds like makeup will handle itself, probably will have stylists Royal Watch as this to have a simple hairdo to emphasize royal jewelry.

William si Harry

Prince Harry (in picture TSG) is William’s best man and one who will keep ring

Kate’s wedding dress, Who spoke about each day and which almost nobody has no idea who will be made or how it would look, is a highlight of ceremony. It was rumored that Middleton, 29, will choose a simple and elegant as she is and nature, without the vulgar.

Wedding Dress from Alexander McQueen

The latest rumors say Bride’s dress Kate Middleton will be a creation by Alexander Sarah Burton McQueen simple, with cleavage in “V” in front of a trail 2,70 m. long veil about, simply with a little embroidery on edges contains lily of the valley bouquet. The shoes belong to all Alexander McQueen. Tiara is borrowed Regina and is a model of Cartier in 1936.

Prince William will be dressed in red tunic specific and not the Irish Guard Officers in aviation, will wear a scarlet scarf and beret. Sword to be absent from this unique moment.

If the weather is beautiful and will not rain, To be sure that all cameras will be directed to the most important woman on the planet, Today: Catherine Middleton.

It is said that Prince William, 28, took care of their do manicure for billions of people will follow when he will ask his wife the ring on her finger and the image must be an excellent.

steaguri arborate in Londra

Flags flags adorn holiday London streets

Up to 13.00 local time in Romania when the two will arrive Westminster Abbey, officers with the proper conduct of event are the last checks for everything to be perfect. Nobody can afford to make mistakes in such a day sea.

Kate Middleton will keep the tradition and will step into Westminster Abbey , To the altar, the arm her father.

Here’s how it goes today’s event program, 29 April:

10.15 – 11.45 – Members of the congregation reach Westminster Abbey

11.50 – high-ranking guests begin to gather at Westminster Abbey. Last bride will arrive, and before her, Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh

13.00 – Start job religiousWhich will be broadcast through the speakers throughout During the route you will follow the bride after wedding

14.15 – The bride and groom go to the Palace Buckingham accompanied by an escort of cavalry, followed by Queen accompanied by a royal escort

15.25 – Queen of the bride and groom, together with their families appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.


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