A Married Man's Biggest Challenge – Loved by Sister-In-Law

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A Married Male’s Biggest Challenge – Be Loved by Your Wife and Her Sister

If you think be loved by any woman other than your wife is cheating, how do you feel about being loved by your sister-in-law even though she know you have been married with her beloved sister?  I think that is my biggest challenge in my life because I would ruin my marriage if I have mistakenly handle this kind of relationship.

No Body Touching No Love?!

It is a common sense that you will build trust and love if you give enough body touching to the others, however, due to our humans messed up culture, body touching to the other gender will create more problem than you are touching your pet.

I like body touching, like my cat and my dog, and of course the other human.  It helps me to create a more friendly conversation with the other by giving enough body touching.  So, if you are lack of friend or love, try to body touch more today when you are talking to the others.

Body Touch a Lonely Person Breaks the Rapport and Create Love Feeling

However, if you body touch a lonely person who lacks of social skills and friends, you are actually breaking the rapport with the person and create love feeling for him or her by accident.  This is how my sister-in-law is, she is lonely and no friends, therefore, anyone who break the rapport with her and she will fall in love with that person.

I made her fall in love with me by accident, but it will be the ending.

End a Wrong Relationship by Pushing More

Most people think the way the ruin a relationship by doing nasty or stupid things to prove that you are the wrong person for him/her, and this is actually drive them more crazy into you.  And this is how I did, I told her that I will grab her breast for fun and make love with her at night.  By saying those kind of thing, you are actually pushing that person to wake up more quickly than beating her up.  You should try this technique if you do not want someone to fall in love with you.

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