From Rags to Success

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Success if what every person strives for in life. But how many people actually achieve it? My successes in life have been hard to reach but have been worth every battle. While there have been several major obstacles in my life, three specifically stick out to me and I want to share those with you.


No one in my family has ever graduated from high school, until I did. I don’t say that to be boastful. I say it to be honest. My family lineage consists of drug and alcohol abusers. My mom was a widowed single mother that tried hard to make ends meet but sometimes that was not enough. I graduated high school when I was 16 and went off to college while I was 17. Graduating high school is probably still the biggest obstacle I have overcome because odds were totally against me. Coming from such a hard background either sucks you in or makes you want to succeed. I chose the hard path of success but it’s been totally worth it. Graduating college was also a success but I do not feel it was as great of an accomplishment.


Having a widowed mother can bring out the worst in a young girl. I remember my mom the day we found out my step-father had passed away. It has been thirteen years and I still see the pain in my mother’s eyes.  However, I am a mother now and I can’t let that pain follow me. Growing up there was a lot of hurt and pain in my family. Abuse occurred almost every day in my young life. When I decided I was going to be a mother I had to decide the type of mother I wanted to be. There is not one thing I do the same as my mom. If I see something coming out in me that I learned as I child, I change my ways. Success in motherhood is simply a learning experience. The best examples we have are our own parents and sometimes those examples cannot be followed.


My degree is in Elementary Education and for the past two years I have been struggling to find a job in this field. Last year I would have sawed off my arm to be in the classroom teaching. However, since bringing our second son into the world I have been taught the true meaning of love. I have quickly learned how to be an entrepreneur and not let anything stop me. Being home with my children is truly where I want to be. Being successful in your career means devotion, determination, and a “why to make you cry.”

Successes in life will come and go but what matters is we keep going. Never give up hope and keep trying. No one holds the key to success. But it’s up to us to find the key that is right for us and make our own lives successful. Each battle we go through only makes us stronger and a better person.


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