Bright Eyes Tips

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Important Tips for having beautiful Eyes:

The first thing towards the health of eyes is to have proper eye hygiene. To preserve the natural beauty of your eyes, you need to include eye care in your regular body care routine. To keep your eyes refreshed and glowing even after watching TV for long or working in front of computer, just follow following easy tips. It takes just few minutes daily. Taking a proper diet is one of the important
 tips. You need to include all the essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, C, E, beta-carotene, zinc in your meals. You need to eat things like spinach, melons, eggs, carrots, papaya and mango. Taking proper sleep is another thing you need to take care off. It increases the efficiency and appearance of eyes. Proper sleep helps to reduce the problem of dark circles and tiredness. Taking proper rest is very crucial. You should sleep at least 7-8 hours daily in a dark room to give proper rest to the eyes. Drinking plenty of water helps detoxify the body and reduce or avoid the puffiness in the eyes. Exercise daily for eyes. It increases the blood circulation and oxygen intake. In case, you feel itching, do not rub your eyes, just blink them. You can get scratches in eyes and your can hurt them by rubbing them. Blinking is a very good exercise for the eyes.

While cleansing the eyes, avoid using the chemical cleanser s rather use cleansers like milk which is natural. To cleanse the eyes with milk, dip a cotton ball in milk.To make the eyelashes thick and dense, you can apply a mixture glycerin and olive oil daily. Whenever, you go out in sun, wear sunglasses to avoid excessive exposure to sunrays. These are just simple procedures to keep your eyes healthy and youthful for longer.  

When awaking from a deep sleep, do not immediately wash your face with soap and water. What is rightly you are to do is to wait for some minutes to have a clear vission of your eyes. Stay in your bed while sitting on your bed and wait for your eyes to see more brighter and more relax. Then it’s allowed for you to wash your face with water.


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