Top Two Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

The top two legitimate ways to make money online are creating your own website and freelance writing. Regardless of which method you choose, you need to learn about  marketing so that you can successfully promote your website or your articles.

#1:Freelance Writing

Make money freelance writing. You can write a variety of Web sites, or sites focus on only one or two. Write and earn  for clicks on ads and affiliate sales in places like Squidoo or Hubpages or WordPress to Your Hubpages must be approved before being published, this usually takes a day or less.

Get paid per page view and unique to write about anything on to Bukis. Write articles on most subjects to Infobarrel Infobarrel your articles must be approved before it is published before you posted at least 10 articles of high quality.

You may also register for Elance. Request written several papers on Elance. You probably need a resume and some writing samples to have a good chance to win a job.

#2:Creating a Web Site

Earn money by building a website. Choose a topic that interests you. Have to write at least 50 pages of the quality of a site for ranking in search engines. If you can not write, you can hire a freelance writer to write pages for you. This will cost money upfront, but you will get your site faster and be able to start earning money faster.

Monetize your site by adding Google Adsense (ads that pay you money when users click on them). You can also monetize your site by using it to direct people to businesses such as real estate and earn a fixed price for each referral. Selling products online, or selling other peoples products as an affiliate.

Select a company to host your site. A good choice is Host Gator this is what i use to make this website. Host Gator offers the complete package for anyone to build a successful website. Host Gator teaches you to create top ranking website, how to choose your niche site, how to create your sitemap, how to optimize your site for search engines and much more.Sign Up Through this link and get 25% off use the coupon code JamesMoney.

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