Jesus Died For us to Save us Fro Sins

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ever fall down? Ever goof up? Well we have. Allow Jesus to pick you back up, and don’t look back at the ditch. Whenever the Devil throws your past in your face, and he will, throw his future up in his! We want you to know that Jesus loves you, and that Jesus has a wonderful plan for your life. You are special to us, and you are very special to GOD. You are wonderful in every way. There is only one like you, and you are the greatest because you are just the way that God wanted you to be, a one of a kind. You have a special blessed hope. This is a hope of Heaven and Eternal Life. The Good News is that you can know for sure that you can go to heaven when you die. That is what singer Pat Boone called the great good news! JESUS loved you so much that He died on the cross for you. There is room at the Cross for you. If you will just repent and confess that you are a sinner, and if you will ask JESUS by grace thru faith alone to be your personal savior you will be saved. Jesus died for everyone, the Bible says that God is not willing for anyone to go to Hell, but that ALL should repent and be saved. Some people who are called a fancy name “Calvinists” believe that Jesus did not die for everyone. This is not true as the Bible clearly teaches in John 3:16 that Jesus died on the Cross for ALL sinners, the Bible uses the words ALL because Jesus died for ALL, and that ALL includes you and me. The Holy Bible tells us that everyone who believes in Jesus will have eternal life in him. IN CHRIST JESUS! For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but will have eternal life. You see, God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but instead God sent Jesus into the world to save the world through what Jesus did for you on the CROSS. We would not waste your time or insult your intelligence trying to convince you that you are a sinner, we all know that we have sinned, and it would be silly to argue otherwise as there is nobody that is sinless, not even one except for Jesus. Because of our SIN we can not get into heaven without Gods help, because heaven is a sinless wonderful perfect place. Were it not it would not by definition even be heaven. Good works are good but they can not save us because good works and attempting to stop sinning does not change the fact that we are sinners who need Jesus to forgive us and to take away our sins. So how do we pay for our sins? We can’t, only Jesus is sinless and can do that, because Jesus is Holy. How then are we saved? THE CROSS. Jesus died on the CROSS fro our sins. Good works can not save us, only trusting what Jesus did (the shedding of His blood) on the cross can take away our sins forever. So what must a man do in order to be saved? BELIEVE. Believe that Jesus was the LORD who paid for all of your sins on the CROSS! Whoever does this has EVERLASTING LIFE! salvation comes by RECEIVING Jesus as our personal savior by grace thru faith alone(Not of works). God has promised to save EVERYONE who has faith in Christ Jesus. “But I have done so many bad things, I failed Jesus so many times” IF we repent , Jesus is faithful to forgive us of ALL of the bad things that we have done, if we place our FAITH in Jesus, and what he did on the CROSS. “I am already saved but I sinned again and let Jesus down, did I lose my salvation?” NOT if you ever truly repented, confessed and put your faith and trust in Jesus you are still saved, but because of your sins that you committed after salvation you are now out of FELLOWSHIP with God until you confess the sins that you did after you were saved. Things will be right with you and God (fellowship)when you ask him to forgive you of the sins that you did after the time that you were saved. If we sin (Fail God) after we are saved, we repent, not to remain saved, but to remain in GOOD FELLOWSHIP With God. “I have a problem , I need to grow closer to God, can the Trumpet of the Lord help me?” YES, please call us for PRAYER , questions, leadership direction, decision making, and Holy Spirit filled goal setting. You may call us at our ministry phone at: 423-507-9970 “I have other questions like what kind of trumpet ,or flugelhorn ,or trumpet mouthpiece that I should play on . May I still call? Yes, we are pleased answer these kind of questions all of the time, for free. No strings attached. Please call MIKEY with your trumpet questions. Remember that you are Super Great, wonderful, and that things will be OK no matter what if we just will seek out the will of our kind and loving Heavenly Father.


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