Key Elements of Joomla

It is open source CMS, and this means that it can be used free of cost by any person, we look forward to be the location that makes it easier to manage. Use in the manufacture of a number of modern websites is growing at a rapid rate.

Main reasons for this program has become very popular due to the following reasons:

1. Item: There are many elements that are present in this language is based on PHP which is used by developers to buyers. These components are:

A. Banners (which is classified as a link to clients),
B. Communications (this contains a list of names published and unpublished, and provides the facility to add or modify the new names),
C. News channels (this allows for the other feeds to come to the site using RSS),
D. Opinion polls (which are used to manage the elections and the results using the lateness of the hour and features options),
E. Search (provides a statistical programmer to phrase a number of times that have Joomla! Search plug-in has been used)
P. Web Links (This item allows management to monitor the links on the first page of the site)

2. Units: This is yet another important feature of the phrase as many units, some of them:

A. Unit archived content: it allows for the positioning of the elements of content that has been archived.
B. Signs and feed: You can configure this to display the item, just select the pages to select. This is the front-end display units of the components of each.
C. Create a custom HTML: This also can be done with a sentence.
D. Bread crumps: This model allows to add navigational aids and keeping track of the same.
E. Login: It shows the fields user name and password that can be used to log in from anywhere in the site.
P. Footer: This is the design of phrase that contain information copyrighted.
(G) Composite Unit: It is the one who wraps the last Web page directly on the site in a specific location.
E. Union: This unit displays a list of various feed available for the site.
First sections: This module displays a list of all sections of material that are configured in the database of your website.

3. Plug-ins: Some of the most popular add-ins that are used in the phrase are:

A. Authentication: This includes registration at the beginning, and then confirm registration by clicking on the link sent to the e-mail. Using the phrase, Gmail Ord plug-ins to use databases that already exist for user authentication.
B. Highlight the icon: If you want to know what is the code of the program written by the programmer inter Then there is a plug-in that can show itself to the requested page.
C. Search: You can use this plug-in easily search for content, news channels and Internet connections that you want on the site.

There are a number of other features that are found in the phrase that makes it possible for the site manager to make the required changes or to create jobs and new features.

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