Autoresponder: The Cyber Workhorse

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Like all curious people you are always on the lookout for information on the things that interest you. Like many of us you want information immediately, not yesterday or tomorrow, right? Welcome to the world of the autoresponder.

Marketing on the internet has never been easier. Time should never be a factor when responding to your customers’ online enquiries for information. Or should it? No, not if you have an autoresponder. To keep your online customers satisfied you must respond to their queries immediately.

The autoresponder sends out requested information within seconds of receiving it. How good can that get? Well, it depends on how badly you want to retain your customers. Every autoresponder has its own personal email address that is used for such queries, hence maintains the privacy of your personal email address.

You too can get an autoresponder by simply choosing a company that provides those services. Once you have identified the company, all you need to do is email the text of your autoresponder message to that company. Looks easy enough right? Wrong, you need to really shop for the kind of service you want. Look out for 3 things;

Firstly, you have to decide whether you want an autoresponder service that has limited or unlimited number of hits.

Secondly, you want to track your prospects’ enquiries so that you can know how effective your marketing is.

Thirdly, since your company shall change and grow, you want a service that is flexible at no additional cost

 An ideal autoresponder is one that combines an unlimited number of hits, prospect enquiry tracking and flexibility at no additional cost.  In addition to this, an autoresponder service that sends out multiple follow up letters to your prospects until they buy. Sounds too good to be true? Well, one company exists that fits the bill.

This is AWEBER autoresponder service.

We have been using this company and they are outstanding and inexpensive. I personally have over ten autoresponders right now and I would be hopeless without them. They are true workhorses that perform both in season and out of season. 

When you set it up, you absolutely must add it to your signature and post it everywhere and in all the ads that you place. This little baby will work for you 24/7.

You will soon realize you cannot live without an autoresponder 


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