Use This Summer to Improve Your Talents

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Summer is a very happy time in life. It is a time of promising happiness in the life of kids and teenagers. They no longer need to worry about school. The world is theirs, and they can do almost anything to make it funny.  Not only for them, but for all who would like to make their life happier and more promised. It is not only the time for beach, friends, and fun but also to improve your own talents and skills.

Summer is the time to sharpen your talents

Summer is the time to mine your talents and bring them out. Whether you have a job or looking for a job, this summer can be the perfect time to get ready to fit you into life. Doreen Rainey, life coach and founder of the annual Get Radical Women’s Conference says, “Summer is the perfect time to take a step back, assess where you are and brush up on your skills.” She suggests some tips for dealing with life and career changes.

1) Assess your strengths

If you are starting a new job or thinking of setting out on a new career path, you should first assess your strength or skill set in you. Consider your experience of the present job if you have any. Consider the things in which you excel. They can expand your career options.

For example, while she was working in a law office after college in preparation for a legal career, Rainey began to see that she was better at working with people. She found out that her skill fitted better in human resources than working in a law office. She said how it suited her talents, “I thought about what I was actually doing at that job, took that skill set and parlayed it into working in human resources.”

2) Learn to network

Media plays a vital role today. Think on and offline. As Rainey says, “We are talking about going back to old-fashioned handshaking here,” you have to be creative in your ideas and choosing your lines. She applauds both the frequent use of social media such as today’s LinkedIn and having the old in-person conversations and meetings with business contacts.

3) Feel the fear

Of course, there is always a fear about future. But always move forward. Rainey suggests using that fear as fuel to make the next move. “No one goes through something like losing a job or starting a new business of their own without fear,” she says. “People wait for it to just go away, and it won’t.” Learn the techniques of using fear as fuel, by taking advantage of your apprehension and use it to pick up the phone and make calls. Believe, even small steps can help you build your confidence. 

4) Be always learning

There is no end to learn. That includes also on and off the job. Summer can boost your learning. “Find hobbies you love,” suggests Rainey. Perhaps, you may enjoy a summer class of your taste.

5) Be ready for challenges

Future is for challenging people; for the people ready to face challenges. It is a world of competition. The struggle for survival will be more aggressive. You have to get yourself ready to face those challenges. You many need something extra to really stand out and face the world.

6) Merge your talents and passions

Summer can help you to go deep into creative activities that can build up your future. Find out your talents and passions and merge them creatively. Sometimes unusual combinations of skills that you learn out of your regular schedule may result in you having a unique selling point. You may be a programmer who also knows about accessibility. Or you may be a graphic designer who can also write great copy. Merge your talents and your passions to find out creative combinations that make you more adaptable and marketable.


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