Choose The Words of Life

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In Thirukkural, written by the saintly poet Thiruvalluvar who lived two thousand years age, it is stated that it is equal to choose unripe bitter vegetables while sweet ripen fruits are available for you.

There are more than one million words in the English language. When you think of “words”, many words rush to your mind; many of them often will be banal, basic words like “cat” or “moon”. But there are so many other words which are incredible, diverse, quirky, unusual and awe-inspiring. Human race has constructed so many words with fantastic pronunciations and definitions, expressing one’s passion and emotions.

Words are Godly

Words are very powerful. They can create and destroy. They are powerful as they have psychic energy and the divine vibration in them. It is rightly believed that God created us by words, Satan deceived us by words and that Jesus came down to save us as word. Words have that creative energy in them.

Words relate and build up relationships

Words communicate and build up relationship between human beings, even relationship with other creatures. When words accompany body language and different levels of tone they have more life and different meanings. For example, if you call your colleague at work a “stupid”, he may grin at you or perhaps laugh at you. But if you use the same word at your wife at home, she may show her aversion and criticism. When it comes to interpretation it is still serious.

Harmful and harmless words

Your words can be soft and encouraging instead of shouting and harsh. Even when you are talking with your children you can encourage them to speak out their ideas, and express their feelings. When your kid wants to play toys of other kid, he can more easily say: “can you let me play your toys?” rather than rudely taking away toys from hands of someone. Communication should be learnt and taught right from childhood. Words have life to build and destroy.

Your words can express and bring love or hate. They can excite or depress your lover or people around you. Therefore, they have the power of life or death to your relationship.

Positive words can build up relationships while negative can destroy. When you say negative words like “you are hopeless”, “I hate you”, “woe to you”, they will surely reflect their negative repercussions on you. Your own negative and harsh words turn against you, internalizing and growing bigger in you to harm you emotionally and physically.

In fact, your words show who you are. They reflect your emotions. They express your own characters. In short, you are your words. You are dirty and negative if you speak dirty and negative words to your lover or others because out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. So earn respect and cooperation from others with your positive words.

As stated above why do you go for harsh and bitter words while you have plenty of sweet and affectionate words?


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