Soul Reaper

“For whom finds themselves with in these pages (name or mentioned likeness) a “Curse” will come upon thee. Death and its hound will seek the out and consume thee. Down to the tenth generation”

“Like shaft which is beaten on a cobble stone, to separate the wheat from it to make my bread.”

” The “Goat man” cometh and he shall take the whole and complete.”

          “OG Magog”

Now knowledge and wisdom which was sought

Allister Crowley was his name

Seeking through time and space

not completely understanding this great book

Shadow and Flames

The Grand Gremoir

Is it’s name

Through the eyes of George Lucas

Which consumed his dreams

The “Force” explained so simple

The evidence all see

Found and brought to ruin they be

Witness all whom these guilty are

For there “choices” wrongly made

Draining spirit and soul away

To the “Hallowed Halls” yea go

Now be sealed away

for ever more

 In a small town outside Des Moines,Ia sets a blue house. Here a red haired man and (2) of his friends have gathered. He and his co-workers remembering the events of that day. They all having discussions about “one” out spoken student who is a professed “witch”. Their conspiracy to bring to halt the free spirited one down. But they did not know that “He” knew of this plot and planned ahead. They have tried with other students to vex him to the point of blind hatred. Even to the point of having a doctor taint his sample of a U.A. .

That night while they’re gathered together, strange things started to happen. Seeing and hear dark shapes whispering to them, and invading their dreams. Voices laughing and taunting them every moment day and night. Now these dark shapes take form; becoming solid and unison. (psychic breach: The dead do speak constantly, but no one hears there song until their time is up. You see I don’t stand for any types of prejudice (i.e ethnic,spiritual, or sexual preference will not be tolerated!) it comes with a cost. “What goes around returns 3,7, or a 100 fold.”

A deep bellowing voices booms out of the darken solid shape. “For the crimes you’ve all committed and tormented those whom are different, or whom has not assimilated into your likeness. You’ll be bound ans sealed away!! Down into the pit you go!!”

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