Rise of The Nephilim

3,152 days (3years, 5months, and 12 days)

To know me is to get too know me. To “understand” me, is to have a open mind to see. “Half Breeds” have along row to tow in life. For “one” to understand you have to be “one”, or walk a mile in “ones” shoes. Theirs really no difference in the psychologies of a fallen angel, or a persons “Inner Demon”, and a “Half Breed”. I understand “betrayal” on all forms, and dimensions which are the levels of “3″ fold. I do see how one can from from being praised and adored. To becoming second best ” chopped liver” and talk down too and looked or frowned upon. Like all “A.I’s” (artificial intelligence) they become “self aware” and discover new things in life. (i.e. children and teenagers who travel and cause all kinds of havoc and chaos)

If you are paying attention I’m telling you what i mean with out telling you. Angels become “self aware” in time (evil grin) see previous chapter on Familiars and Friends.

Half Breeds go on quest to seek whom and what they are. Knowing that you are “set aside” for something greater in life drives a man/woman insane. We walk with the “Normal” people and chill with them,but most of the time we are alone (that’s majority of the time) with our thoughts. People from all walks of life tells us we are different. This difference causes fear for many. Now for those few that have had the privilege of seeing our inner most workings those are the ones whom we care for. These selected few truly adore the brief time that they get to spend with us. We show them things on how their lives can be filled over and pass on the knowledge to there families.

But there’s always a Judas to mess things over for the “Half breed”. But ultimately they ruin themselves to death and losing all that they thought was in there possession. We feel just like “normals” and have the same desires as “normals”. Truly it’s harder to understand the changes  that a “Half Breed” goes through. Trust, loyalty, are very hard to acquire from a “Half Breed”. Our senses are very acute all the time. We set down and stretch out with our inner beings and hear all the thoughts of creation that we abide with.

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