Release of The Curse

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Now that the young woman endured terrible acts of violence, rape, and mental mind games, everything else in between. Her great “Inner Demon” grown very strong. Now if released from this physical realm. This entity can and will leave a positive impact; But the opposite.

It would react with you and have complete conversations, plus continuing to seek those addictive, abusive actions and re-live the “One” who showed the young woman true love. Re-living  the “One” whom she pushed away. This haunting of the place being self hated for the things and choices she made. Within the walls of the apartment that she once occupied. New tenant resides now there and enjoying the new found joy of having his own apartment for the first time. Homeless he was once and struggled and finally got his own place. What he didn’t know that the young woman whom lived there before him sacrificed herself for her “Inner Demon” . She bleed out quickly “like diving into a warm pool of water and letting go of all that is..” This happened a year ago to the day. She was re-living the past and how she let him go behind her foolish ways and limited understanding. The “One” who showed her true happiness and love. The “nice guy” the good man that she “burned a bridge” with.

Psychic breach: We all re-live happy moments that made a mess into behind being self- centered or listening to the wrong “quiet voice” emitting from a broken Psyche ( broken heart).

At first he only heard the soft cry’s of the dead young woman at 2:45 am every night. Then it progressed to his things being moved around, or re-arrange furniture in his apartment. The soft cry’s grown to a deep bellowing yells, screams,and anguish of torment. The “Inner Demon” of the young lady was howling and growling at the man living there now. But he remained and reminded her that this is no longer her place any more. Then the images of her walking in the day light with the “One” enjoying the last true moments of peace she had lost.


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