Depression is Curable With Love, Time And Tolerance

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I met her after six months. The bell rang unexpectedly in an out of the card holiday, while my mom and I were having lunch. You get to feel the winter chill just after you take food in a lazy winter afternoon. I was preparing for a nice nap under the warmth of the comforter when the bell rang. My mom opened the door to find my disillusioned friend. I greeted her warmly as always. She has been a very good friend since childhood days.

When she came to my house last time, I could understand that something was troubling her and on getting the right opportunity, her husband told me about the chronic depressive bouts that she has been suffering from since we last met. It had left me dazed. This time, things deteriorated and the look in her eyes told me about utter disbelief, pain and suspicion about everything she is surrounded with.  The anti depressant medicines were actually supposed to give her relief and the psychiatrist had counseled her for a couple of times when she agreed to take the meds. However, once she reached home she declined and was escaping the medication and food since. The world is conspiring against her to kill her – that’s what she got herself to think! Even the family members, including her parents, husband, friends, are up to killing her! Nothing could be more sad than this. She had always been a good, simple, fun loving girl who had hardly cared about the petty things that trouble people.

Depression is painful, and a real sad thing to have come upon anyone. Love, care and quality time can help someone to overcome it, and it’s important to deal with it at the initial onsets. Many times we overlook the symptoms and ignore it which leads to severe compulsive bouts later on. There could be several factors and each has his/ her own reasons, which sometimes is hard to justify. However, considering all those factors that act as catalysts should be secondary, while dealing with the pain that someone is suffering through should be the primary concern. The role of the family is important in maintaining a sane mental health. As caregivers, the close ones need to be more considerate, alert, loving and tolerant. Emotional support can help fight the chronic occurrence of depression. However, in extreme cases, as in my friend’s, proper psychiatric inhouse treatment is required. I am just hoping that my friend gets well soon and understands the importance of taking regular meds.

My prayers for her and all such souls suffering from depression.


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