Faux Paint Furniture

It happens from time to time throughout America. Renovate their apartment-style rooms are dramatic, only to find that their furniture now looks fine. Faux painting techniques, you can give furniture a new look and new life. Best of all, you do not even need a lot of artistic talent. This is due to new products, there is a lot of hard work for you. In ancient times, faux painting took a lot of patience and skill, as many of the areas were shaped by hand, layer upon layer of expensive. Today, for many of the most popular fake, or they may be in the form of a kit. Here are some things that you need to faux painting furniture. Need primers, paints, brushes and pans, a pair of mixing tanks, rags, paper towels, sand paper, plastic sheets, sea sponge, crackle medium paint .

The process of transforming your furniture with faux painting a masterpiece depends largely on the type of finish applied. For example, if you want a rustic old, you should start with the sanding furniture from top to bottom, so that the paint sticks to it. If a confined space, you might want to invest in the Dremel grinding tool to move the job faster. Once everything is smooth, dust with a soft cloth and apply a water-based primer. Once dry for at least 24 hours, you can keep track of the main color.

ou want to spend time with color. With this technique, the first layer of color will show through the cracks of the finish. You can choose two shades of one color,bolder, and select a different color. What do you respond to the color of the world. When paint is dry basic plan, you want to use a heavy coat creaking media. Then add the color of the upper mantle immediately. Crackle medium to cause the paint to shrink and crackle as it dries, revealing the background color. 

Pattern is another popular technique of faux painting furniture. It is the perfect desk, shelves, decorative pillar or stand. You can make a marbling you want to start grinding all the way, eliminating the sanding dust and apply one coat of primer. Once dry you can paint the surface you want to find a mass of black marble. There is a disposable plastic dish,dark green, some pale green on top and, finally, a splash of white. With a plastic spoon handle or a stick, paint swirl around three tracks so that all three colors. Be careful not to over mix. Subsequently, a wet sponge and ring in depth. Gently touch the fungus will paint, then the newspaper to get rid of extra. Pat the surface with a sponge, you feel that you mix the colors together too. Black can show through sites. Only apply paint until it looks like marble.

After drying, it is time for the pen to come into play Mix one part glaze to one part white. Dip one side of the pen in the paint, wipe gently with a towel, then make delicate lines in the final. Imperfect lines continue to faux marble looks good to you. Not exceeded. Once everything is dry, you can close with a clear acrylic spray. Also shining marble. If the calculation is wrong, more to your liking, you can make a table or a booth not to look like stone, too. Like other techniques, you still want to sand and apply a water-based primer. Once dry, paint the entire surface of a medium gray and let dry. Prepare some dark gray glaze and some in a saucepan. Using the sea sponge, dipped in the first place, then press dry. DAB in the mixture and rub gently wipe any excess with a paper towel. Pat the mixture onto the surface. Must be very random and sporadic. Allow this coat to dry.

You can add another layer to create more depth. For example, you can add a light gray glaze with one part of the surface. Do not use it richly dark gray. It will also highlight some of the areas of Lighter Shade. When it appears that a stone is time to stop. These techniques can be applied to furniture, and have a good weekend project that makes your favorite furniture a new look and exciting for little money.

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