Businessman Can Use Facebook Privacy Settings For Safety?

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Buzz automatically follows to the disciples and others, based on Gmail contacts do you most often e-mail or chat. It is quite shameful, and that these contacts, business partners or others who are not qualified as acts worthy friends. a public demonstration of people who interact more frequently – but even more problematic, if you change the setting, the disciples and follow list of people that are displayed on your Profile page of Google by Facebook privacy settings.

    If you use the address of their vanity Profile page of Google, which identifies your Gmail address, and if someone sends a reply to you via @ buzz, they give the address below in Facebook privacy settings.

    In the mobile part of the buzz, if you want to share your location, you should know that happens not only with his followers, but to someone who will be on the analysis of the Buzz Entries in a given geographical area by Facebook privacy settings.

Critics have attacked as Google data protection (emphasis added) a new service Facebook privacy settings

Many users have bristles at what they saw as an invasion of Facebook privacy settings, and the company not to blame for asking permission before sharing contacts buzz of a person with a broad audience. For three days, Google has a storm of criticism on blogs and Web sites face, and has been forced to change some features of the service in Facebook privacy settings.

    E-mail, that is, holds many secrets, the names of the doctors and staff of the illicit lovers, the identity of whistleblowers and anti-government militias. And Google, so recently left a hero to many people with the threat of China to hacking attempts against Gmail accounts by human rights activists, is clumsy as a violator of Facebook privacy settings found in the pillory.

    As Even Morose wrote in a blog for the foreign policy, they have connections, “If I put the Iranian government or the Chinese, who immediately check my Internet Geek Squad to the accounts of political activists Buzz Google and see if worked” so far unknown to the government. ”

Google Facebook privacy settings as hum guilt of his victim, the White House, Andrew McLaughlin, Chief Technology Facebook privacy settings

Well, now we have learned that the seemingly off was in the turmoil of the Facebook privacy settings Buzz done nothing but Andrew McLaughlin, the deputy director of the technology in question Obama in the White House that was a pressure in the group head of Google.

    McLaughlin worked in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and is responsible for all activities on the Internet for management. The two main components OSTP’s mission is to create an “open and transparent democracy” and, ironically, “Protecting the Facebook privacy settings of all Americans” to “hold companies responsible for the violation of Facebook privacy settings.

    Profile Buzz McLaughlin (who has been suspended soon after the private contacts) is revealing to say the least.

    But there is so much more. At least 28 of these people who claim Buzz McLaughlin used Google Mail Contacts list from Google, like a who’s who of lobbyists and lawyers top of Google’s (emphasis added) from around the world.


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