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The Justice Department wants to obtain information on the location of mobile phones without relying on the probable cause of a crime by Facebook privacy settings. Opponents argue that the data could be shown if a user has a church, a clinic or a political rally attended.

    Dolores Solvate Appeals wondered aloud what could a government of criminals to do with this information in Facebook privacy settings.

Comments by the World Facebook privacy settings Forum, the FTC 6th November 2009 (emphasis added)

Consider, for example, the list of Med Net mental health problems. We believe that most consumers are probably not in this list that on the list by Facebook privacy settings. We also believe that removing the majority of consumers, whose name appears on the list, the ability, their names and credentials of the list by Facebook privacy settings.

    “Are identified, including identifying specific categories of people who suffer from depression, poor memory, autism, eating disorders and other countries in the list, as the map data to the list of states” In this great list of consumer mental health problems mental 2,985,634 Problems. “:

“The psychological problems can place a heavy burden for the victim, which makes them very susceptible to a campaign that can help and could provide relief.”

    Back to the issue of Target Marketing and how the consumer loves said, it is unlikely that the guardian of an adult with autism who like to know this person, is addressed, because he or she is “very receptive” certain types of campaigns by Facebook privacy settings.

    We also believe that about 6 million people would in the courts of credit card marketing list you know has a list of people who were rejected for credit cards, and you want to eliminate the possibility of his age, their children, databases, the sex of their child, the type of accommodation, ethnicity and other lists of information and connected with it by Facebook privacy settings.

(Emphasis added) According to Buzz issues of Facebook privacy settings, the default is Google

You can understand, Google wants a piece of everything that receive social networks and update the traffic situation, and you can understand why you prefer using the new Gmail features that make the social buzz, as it is wide and transparent as possible. But a look at the underlying assumptions of the Buzz standard configuration, you have to wonder if Google’s who have vision have made a large part of the world developed through contact with the rest of us Facebook privacy settings concerns.

    If so, then there is probably a surprise to some confusion around the Googolplex today play during the implementation of Buzz. Among the complaints by Facebook privacy settings


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